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11+ Best Upstate New York Skiing Resorts (Local Approved)

11+ Best Upstate New York Skiing Resorts (Local Approved)

We have explored the main attractions in New York City, but what about Upstate New York?

The winter season comes with a bang in this part of New York but it’s important for those who love skiing to take advantage.

There are so many good skiing resorts in New York and it all comes down to comparing them before finding one that works for you. We know avid skiers are going to be wondering about our opinion on the top skiing resorts in Upstate New York and we are going to shed light on this here.

We love skiing and it’s common for us to head to places such as Upstate New York to check out the skiing areas here.

Let’s take a look at what we have uncovered.

Top Upstate New York Skiing Resorts

Catskills Upstate New York Skiing

It’s common for passionate skiers to head straight to the Northern Catskills Mountains when it’s time to enjoy the newly packed snow on the ground.

It can be fascinating to enjoy the views of the mountains here while being able to ski down the hill. We love coming here when the sun is out because it’s going to add to the appeal and the way everything is set up only elevates your experience as a skier.

If you are looking for a good ski resort in New York, this has to be right near the top of the list.

Gore Mountain (North Creek)

Gore Mountain is one of the premier destinations for skiers in New York and you are going to find this to be unforgettable as soon as you are here.

Gore Mountain is a sight to see and then you are going to get to enjoy an incredible descent that’s perfect for skiing. We are not professionals, so it’s common for us to go down the intermediate slopes at Gore Mountain but it’s still worth it.

The way everything looks is mesmerizing and you are going to enjoy being able to ski on these hills. Everything is well taken care of and you are going to feel right at home on these slopes.

Labrador Mountain (Truxton)

If you are looking for slopes in Upstate New York that are not as busy then we would recommend heading to Labrador Mountain in Truxton.

This is one of those ski slopes in Upstate New York that’s going to make you happy because it’s great for all ages and you are going to have more space to work with as you descend. We appreciated this because there are various trails to choose from and they are all relatively tranquil.

We appreciate this about Labrador Mountain.

Windham Mountain (Windham)

When you come to Windham Mountain in Windham, you are going to immediately notice a vibrant change in atmosphere because the skiers here are having a great time.

You are going to not only get to enjoy beautiful ski slopes in Windham but also a robust town that flourishes during this time of the year. We enjoyed being able to grab a cup of coffee, eat good food, and just have a great time while in Windham.

Of course, the ski resort in Windham was world-class too!

We were able to enjoy a wide array of slopes and it was great for skiers of all ages including kids. We enjoyed how many families were on the slopes as it shows a wintry experience that’s great for everyone.

Mountain Trails Cross Country (Tannersville)

If you are going to be in Tannersville then we are going to have to recommend the Mountain Trails Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Center.

It’s an exceptional place because you are going to be enjoying a myriad of trails in one place. It’s a winter wonderland for those who want to ski down gorgeous slopes and that’s what you are going to get here.

The attention to detail with these slopes is immaculate.

We enjoyed our time here and the general view is also fantastic.

Whiteface Mountain (Lake Placid)

Whiteface Mountain has long been regarded as a top-tier ski resort in New York.

Its location is exceptional and there is a sense of purpose behind this resort that is going to woo you. Whether it is the clean slopes or the welcoming professionals managing the resort, everything is going to appeal to the average skier on-site.

We loved our time here and the views were lovely too.

Bristol Mountain Ski Resort (Canandaigua)

With 30+ trails for skiing, the Briston Mountain Ski Resort is an exceptional option for skiers in New York.

We loved our time here because the descent is noticeable and you are also going to get to deal with gorgeous slopes that are well-designed. Everything is taken care of and it’s going to make it a lot easier to have a good descent as soon as you are at the top of the hill.

We spent a few hours here and it was a blast.

Hunter Mountain (Hunter)

Hunter Mountain is one of the more common skiing resorts for New Yorkers because of where it’s situated.

Anyone in New York City is going to mention this as their go-to option because it’s nearby. If that is you, it is best to start with this ski resort in New York.

Its proximity is a plus point but also the descent is great and it’s going to be a lot of fun to ski down the hill as soon as you are here.

We took the time to enjoy the trails and it was ideal to look out at the resort while we were coming down because it was breathtaking.

The one thing is that you are going to have a lot of people come out because of how close it is to NYC.

Oak Mountain (Speculator)

Oak Mountain is a compact ski resort in Upstate New York but that does not mean it’s going to disappoint when it’s time to have fun down the slopes.

Instead, you are going to love how well-packed the snow is.

It’s naturally well-groomed and you are going to enjoy being able to soak in the view as soon as you are at the top. We found this to be an immaculate ski resort that has everything you are going to want from a modern ski setting.

Belleayre Ski Resort (Highmount)

Belleayre Ski Resort is situated in Highmount and it is appreciated for having well-designed ski routes that are easy on the eyes.

The one thing we noticed as soon as we were here had to do with the number of kids that were present. It’s beginner-friendly and it’s ideal for those who are looking to get their first taste of being on a ski slope in the winter.

We had a great time doing this and it was not too busy.

You can choose the trail you want to go down and it is going to offer enough space for you to have fun multiple times.

Hickory Ski Center (Warrensburg)

Are you a professional skier or someone who does this all the time?

We know lots of people who do this and that is where you are going to want to head to Hickory Ski Center in Warrensburg.

This is one of the best ski resorts in New York for advanced skiers. It simply gets the job done because the difficulty of skiing down these slopes is as hard as it gets. It is not easy.

Anyone coming here has to be well-prepared for the change in conditions and has to be well-trained.

Final Thoughts

We found these to be the best skiing resorts in Upstate New York.

Take out your skiing equipment and head to one of these resorts to have fun. You will love it here.

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