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6+ Best Waterfalls In Oahu For Hike (Local Guide)

6+ Best Waterfalls In Oahu For Hike (Local Guide)

While it’s fun going to affordable luaus in Oahu or cheap luaus in Maui, it’s also important to look at some of the hiking trails in the region.

It’s essential to appreciate the natural beauty of a waterfall and that’s what you are going to get to see in Oahu.

We have explored this region in great detail to appreciate its natural beauty. You are going to be stunned by how gorgeous it gets during the warmer months and it can be appealing for tourists to visit these waterfalls in Oahu whenever they are here.

To showcase this beauty, we are going to showcase our experience when it was time to go hiking in Oahu. There are beautiful trails throughout the region that are going to stun you and it was the same for us.

We were mesmerized by its natural beauty and how it all came together.

Top Waterfalls In Oahu For Hiking

Judd Trail

Judd Trail is one of those beautiful hiking trails in Oahu that is going to appeal to the average person because it’s beautiful, quick, and safe.

It’s common for tourists to want to head out to this trail as a beginner’s route.

It’s ideal because the walking experience is gorgeous and you are not going to have to think too much whenever you are here. This is what matters because it’s a nice loop trail that is spread across a mile and a half.

We loved it here and the Judd trail in Oahu is the real deal.

Waimano Falls Trail

The Waimano Falls Trail is one of those trails that is going to be long but fun.

We wanted to get to a waterfall that was beautiful and also allowed us to experience the joys of hiking in this part of the world. You are going to get the best of everything here as long as you are willing to hike for a couple of miles along this trail.

It’s common for tourists to come out here because the waterfall also packs a punch.

We found it to be riveting and it’s common for people to head into the water when they are here too. You might not want to do this, but it is possible.

Maunawili Falls Trail

The Maunawili Falls Trail is fascinating.

We took the time to experience its natural beauty when we were in Oahu and it became obvious this is one spot where you are going to fall in love with the natural beauty. It is a couple of miles long and you are going to have to be at least an intermediate hiker.

If you are an intermediate hiker, you are going to enjoy your time in Oahu like we did.

It offers a gorgeous view of the waterfall and it is going to allow you to also experience the natural elegance of Oahu.

Waimea Valley Trail

This hiking trail on our list is a couple of miles long and it is ideal throughout the year.

We took the time to head out here because we heard it was easy on the body. This is essential because we do love hiking but we want to go on multiple hikes in a single trip. So doing something too challenging begins to take a toll on you.

This is one of those hiking trails where you are going to be more than happy with the results. It’s long but it is easy.

The Waihi Falls is also gorgeous here.

You are going to adore the view and it is also nice to dip your toes in the water when you are here.

Kapena Falls Trail

The Kapena Falls Trail is the real deal for those who want to make sure they are having a wonderful time and getting to experience the joys of being in Oahu.

When looking at the best hikes in Oahu, you are going to want to start with the Kapena Falls Trail.

This is a gorgeous trail that is less than a mile long and it is going to be great for those who are not looking to get tired. It will be simple and it is going to take you to the fall as soon as you want to get there.

We loved this about the waterfall as it was easy for us to make the most of.

If you are up for it, you can also go for a quick swim here!

Manoa Falls Trail

This is a picturesque hiking trail in Oahu with a waterfall.

Manoa Falls Trail is mesmerizing as soon as you begin to head to this out-and-back trail. It’s easy on the eyes, the waterfall is appealing, and you are going to feel like you’re on an adventure when you are spending time here.

This is one of those trails where you are going to get to experience the joys of being in a rainforest while also being able to see the natural beauty of Oahu.

We cannot state enough how pretty this was.

It’s a gorgeous place with loads to offer and you are going to have a great time working your way through this winding hiking trail.

The waterfall is beautiful too. It’s 150 feet tall and it is gorgeous.

Final Thoughts

These are the best waterfalls in Oahu for hiking.

Anyone who is going to be heading out to Oahu has to take the time to check out these hiking trails. It’s a must.

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