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West Village New York – Complete Neighborhood Guide

West Village New York – Complete Neighborhood Guide

When you aren’t checking out the attractions in New York City or drinking at a New York bar, it’s time to look into one of the more picturesque neighborhoods in the region.

The West Village is a charming place that is full of life, great people, and tends to provide a bonanza of shopping options for those who love the ambiance of a traditional NY neighborhood.

This is a place that is renowned for its quaint houses, beautiful brownstones, and of course the trees. They are noticeable as soon as you begin walking through the neighborhood and that is what adds to its appeal.

The West Village has developed over the years into what it has become now. This includes the beautiful houses, quiet streets, and the great people.

Here is more on The West Village in New York.

Layout Of West Village In New York

The West Village is situated near the Hudson River and begins at West 1st Street. It is also set up to Christopher Street as one of its boundaries.

This is a fascinating place because it connects to other parts of New York City while maintaining its laid-back charm.

This is one of those areas where you are going to see a reduced hustle and bustle that’s commonly associated with New York City. People like this element of the region as it helps elevate its stature as a place where a person can get away from the rush.

However, it still keeps you close to the activities in the rest of the city too.

It’s important to note that this has a unique layout because of its streets. They are set up in a way where everything is intertwined and the streets are set in a way where it’s easy to get from one place to the next.

Demographics Of West Village New York

The West Village in New York City is a place that is not as diverse as other parts of the region.

It tends to be predominantly White with a community of White Americans that make up over 80% of the neighborhood’s residents.

The rest of the community is divided into Asians, African Americans, Native Americans, and other races.

It’s essential to note this as that also makes up the overall makeup of the neighborhood compared to the rest of the region.

The area has people of all ages and it tends to have families that reside in the area. This includes older children.

Culture Of West Village

The one thing that helps this neighborhood stand out has to do with its culture.

Yes, it is a quieter part of town but the cobblestone streets are charming. They add to its ambiance and you will know you are in this part of New York City as soon as you arrive. There is a sense of elegance to the region that is appealing to the average person whether they are a local or a tourist.

It’s calm and it does not have the same type of architecture as the rest of New York City.

This includes the lack of towers in the area, which makes it easier to look around and just take up the beautiful residential properties in the area.

It also has quality restaurants and bars that help you enjoy a day in the area. This makes it ideal for those who are looking to get away from the rush of Manhattan.

Income In West Village

This is one of the more affluent parts of New York City.

As a result, it is also quieter as there are not as many buildings in the neighborhood, which reduces the foot traffic.

Based on studies done on The West Village, it tends to have a median income of $131,000.

Due to the average income in the neighborhood, the properties are also more expensive. It’s common to see families live in this part of New York City.

Final Thoughts

This is the charm of the West Village in NY.

It’s a quiet, charming place that welcomes people to its streets throughout the year.

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