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Winter In Korea (Local Advice)

Winter In Korea (Local Advice)

During our visits to Korean palaces and Korean saunas, we have often experienced a wide array of conditions in the nation.

This is a beautiful place to be in the winter for those who do like a bit of cold.

It’s common for people to want to visit Korea in the summer but it is just as majestic in the winter months. There is a certain charm about living in Korea or visiting it as a tourist in the winter.

We even took the time to hike around Mount Hallasan in the winter.

While all of this is lovely, you will want to know more about what winter is like in Korea. We are going to share our thoughts on this and what you should expect.

Winter In Korea

Let’s begin with the basics.

For the most part, the winter months are going to be brisk. This means you are going to be looking at temperatures that are below zero at certain times of the year. We tend to see these conditions during December-January.

However, winter tends to start in November and then goes on until March.

The temperature tends to be colder in the northern parts of Korea but it is also cold in other parts of Korea. It’s best to be prepared for this drop in temperature if you are going backpacking in Korea in the winter.

We highly recommend you bring a winter jacket and a good number of sweaters. This is the attire you are going to be wearing whenever you step outside in the winter because it is chilly. We didn’t realize how cold it gets in the evenings until you are there.

We were in Seoul and the weather does get brisk quickly.

We also recommend getting waterproof footwear as it is going to be wet on the ground. This is going to make it a lot easier to get around without second thoughts.

Winter Activities In Korea

Let’s assume you are going to be visiting Korea in the winter.

What are some things to do in Korea during the winter months? Is there enough fun for you in Korea or are you going to get bored?

No, you are not going to get bored!

There are various winter activities in Korea for you to enjoy.


We have taken the time to list the top ski resorts in Korea for you.

There are numerous quality ski resorts in Korea and it’s common for tourists to come to this part of the world looking for quality skiing locations.

The slopes here are riveting and full of life.

You are going to enjoy your time at these resorts.


Yes, hiking is always an option when it’s cold outside.

Most people are going to assume this is best done in the summer but certain spots are great for those who want to go out in the winter.

We recommend checking out Mount Hallasan as it is a beautiful place during this time of the year.

Go To A Winter Festival

Well, if you are going to be in Korea during the winter then it’s time to check out the wide array of winter festivals that take place.

You can have a lot of fun at these festivals.

The festive season starts during this time of the year, so you are going to have a great time in Korea during the winter.

This includes the Pyeongchang Trout Festival and our favorite Hwacheon Sancheono Ice Festival. It is a riveting experience and something you are going to want to be a part of.

Most people will take the time to check out these festivals while celebrating Christmas in Korea. This is going to be a great time to explore the region and take in the lights that are around the region. There is always something going on that is Christmas-related here.

Explore The City

There is nothing wrong with having fun in the city.

Let’s assume you are going to be heading to Korea. You are going to want to stroll around Seoul and just take in the beautiful sights in the winter.

The lights tend to be glorious at night and are going to be well worth it for you. This is what makes it charming and a nice place to go for a winter vacation.

Final Thoughts

This iwhatow winter in Korea is like.

Take the time to book your tickets and spend a bit of time in Korea during the winter. You are going to like it and that’s what makes it special.

Yes, summers in Korea are also charming but we adore winters in Korea too. Whether you are into hiking, backpacking, or want to do a bit of skiing, you are going to get it all in Korea.

This is why we love the idea of going to Korea in the winter.