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Experiencing Winters In Denver (Local Guide)

Experiencing Winters In Denver (Local Guide)

Denver is commonly associated with cold weather.

People come from all parts of the country to experience the high altitude in the region along with its natural beauty.

Few places are as aesthetically pleasing as this and it’s well worth checking out. For those who are coming in the winter, you are going to want to gain a better understanding of what the weather is going to be like.

We have spent time in Denver during the winter and can share our experiences.

Most people are going to wonder about the conditions and whether or not they are different when you are at a higher altitude. We understand this and it’s essential to breakdown what you are going to be dealing with in a scenario such as this one.

Timing Of Winters In Denver

Let’s begin with the winter season in Denver.

Winter is going to start sometime around the end of October but it’s also possible for it to come earlier. However, we would say it starts around Halloween and then continues until the end of April.

This is when it’s going to be cold and the likelihood of a snowstorm is going to be high.

If you are coming during this time of the year, you can be prepared for a snowstorm or two depending on how long you are going to be staying.

What about the toughest month in Denver when it comes to the winter?

It’s going to vary but it’s going to come down to December and January. Somewhere between these two months, you will begin to see a significant amount of snowfall. It’s going to be quite noticeable throughout Denver.

It’s common for blizzards to take place during this time of the year and you will have to be prepared for this going into the state.

Of course, there are snow periods within other months too. It is going to come down to your experience in Denver and how it plays out.

Snow In Denver

We know you are going to be wondering about snow in Denver and what the winters are like when it comes to potential blizzards.

For the most part, you are going to get a good amount of snow as you get closer to the Rocky Mountains.

If you are further out, you are going to get less, but it is still going to be noticeable. Local reports state it’s possible to get around 60+ inches of snow during a winter season in Denver.

When it does start snowing here, it buckets down. You are going to notice the waves of snow that come down and it is not easy to drive on the roads unless you have good winter tires.

Locals state it’s more common for larger amounts of snow to fall during the winter in Denver. This is simply due to how the weather works here. It tends to come in waves rather than being a consistent schedule of snow.

As long as you are in the winter season, a blizzard can occur within a day or two’s notice.

Temperatures In Denver

We have talked about snowstorms in Denver, but what about the underlying temperatures?

Is it quite cold in the winter?

It is not going to be too cold unless you are closer to the mountains. This is simply due to you being in an area where the brisk air is going to hit differently and the temperature is going to drop too.

If you are further out from the mountain range, it’s going to be cold but it won’t be unbearable. Most locals are going to say it’s quite pleasant.

It tends to sit around 50 degrees.

From what we have been able to experience, there are going to be sunnier days along the way. This adds to the appeal of being here in the winter because it’s not going to be a neverending barrage of snowstorms where you won’t be able to step outside.

The snow clearing is quick in these parts and you should be able to get out within hours after the snow has stopped falling.

There are many days when it is sunny.

Final Thoughts

This is what winter in Denver is like for those who are visiting.

If you are thinking about going to Denver in the winter, it’s important to be mentally prepared for the snow. It’s going to snow and it’s going to be cold. However, you are also going to get to experience winter in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

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