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Culture Of El Salvador (Expat Advice)

Culture Of El Salvador (Expat Advice)

When understanding the languages of El Salvador or just the overall vibe, it’s important to recognize its culture in greater detail.

This is a fascinating nation that continues to impress as you discover it.

We have been to various parts of Central America and this is one country that has impressed us a lot. It starts with the basics, which includes a blend of communities including the Mestizo people in the region along with the other minorities.

We were blown away by the ambiance of El Salvador and how remarkable it can be as soon as you are here.

Here is a look at the culture of El Salvador and what makes it special in our eyes.

General Culture Of El Salvador

Let’s start with the basics of El Salvador’s culture.

For the most part, it’s common for a traditional setup to be seen in El Salvador. This includes having a male provider that joins the workforce and then the women take care of the children and the household duties.

However, in recent times, a lot of development has been done to improve the overall strength of the workforce and that includes the introduction of more women in various parts of the workforce. This is a sign of how things are progressing in El Salvador with time and how its culture is also beginning to transform.

We noticed there is a reverence for the older individuals in the society. Those who have seen more of the world are treated with serious respect and are consulted when it comes to major decisions around the community. This is designed to ensure their experience is used for the future generations including those who are still children.

It’s common for men to become involved in the household during the day. While they are going to be working hard in the workforce, they are also going to be contributing to the household in their way. This will vary from person to person and how a couple manages their home.

We also noticed it was common for marriages to not happen. Yes, people got married in El Salvador, but it was also easy for a couple to have a child without needing to get married.

Creative Culture In El Salvador

Based on what we have seen in El Salvador, this is a nation that is proud of its arts.

This is something you are going to see when it comes to various museums in the region. The one thing we noticed was the desire to share information through stories as it is a big part of how information is passed from one person to the next here.

We liked this element as it also shed light on the overall culture of the region and how it came to become modern-day El Salvador.

It is also important to take a look at the idea of music throughout El Salvador as that also adds to the local culture. In this region, you are going to be looking at various elements coming together including the use of Spanish or Mayan music.

This is where folk music comes from and it can be a lot of fun to listen to.

We would often spend time in the main areas of El Savaldor listening to this music being played by local musicians.

The Food In El Salvador

A lot of people judge a nation based on its cuisine.

We love our food, so it’s always important to dig deeper into eating the local dishes and learn more about what the food is all about here.

We did the same for El Salvador and were impressed.

In general, the people here love eating things such as clams, snails, beef, pork, and chicken. The idea of including meat in their dishes is a must and it’s something they tend to involve in most meals that are prepared during the day.

We have taken the time to eat things such as Pollo encebollados and other similar dishes as they tend to include a bit of meat in them.

This is what appeals to us when it comes to eating a good meal.

As for drinks, you are going to commonly see people grabbing sweeter beverages including fruit juice and/or colas. Of course, alcohol is a local favorite among the adults and it’s also common to see someone grab a bottle of beer to stay fresh.

Sports In El Salvador

For those who are sports lovers, it is essential to also pay attention to how people stay entertained in the region through athletics.

El Salvador does love its sports and it all starts with soccer.

This is the number one sport in the country and it is played by numerous professionals throughout the region. You will often get sold-out crowds as the main games are on. You will also see younger players enjoying baseball, swimming, and basketball in El Salvador.

Final Thoughts

This is what you will want to know when it comes to the culture of El Salvador in the region.

El Salvador is a breath of fresh air due to its vibrant culture and beautiful attractions. Whether you are a tourist or someone who is looking to settle in El Salvador, the culture is going to appeal to you instantly.

We found it to be heartening and a lot of fun.