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How Can I Listen To Music On The Plane? (Tourist Guide)

How Can I Listen To Music On The Plane? (Tourist Guide)

If you don’t want to read a magazine on a plane, you are going to want to listen to some music.

Once you are done with the standby list for a flight and manage the weight limit on a plane, it’s time to begin to focus on the entertainment.

We love listening to good music, which means it’s important to be able to listen to music on a plane.

The average person is not going to know how to do this. You might assume it’s not an option but we disagree as there are different methods to listen to music on a flight as long as you are aware of the steps.

Let’s take a look at how to listen to music on a plane.

Methods To Listen To Music On A Flight

Music Streaming Service

This is a common option available to people on a flight.

The idea here is to sign up for a music streaming service such as Spotify and then download the entire playlist onto your smartphone or device.

This means you are not going to require any type of connection when using the device and it’s going to work properly. It’s a simple solution and one that’s going to work well when it’s time to download an album and listen to music.

We often do this because it eliminates the entire hassle of finding a connection.

Once you download the album from your streaming service, you can use it offline without worry. Of course, you are going to be paying for this privilege monthly through the streaming service.

Use The Screens

If you take a peek through the in-flight entertainment, you might notice there is music available through the screen in front of you.

A lot of fliers aren’t aware of this.

You can scroll through the entertainment system in front of you and see whether or not they have music available through the setup. This might be enough for you to maximize your time on the screen and find something valuable.

Use The WIFI

This option is going to look at the WIFI connection in a plane.

The plane is going to have a built-in WIFI connection, which is made available to fliers. You are going to want to take advantage of this and connect to it as soon as possible. Some flights are going to offer this service and others are not.

You should ask about this as soon as possible.

If they require you to pay first, you can consider this option if you do want to listen to music anyway.

This is a simple method and you are just going to connect to the WIFI and you will be good to go.

Tips To Play Music On A Plane

Try The Airline Headphones

Have you ever tried the airline headphones that are passed around by the flight attendant during the flight?

We would recommend giving them a chance.

These work well and sometimes are going to be more in tune with the system in front of you. Take advantage of this and then listen to your music. It might be a more pleasurable listening experience if you take this route.

We know some people want to take their headphones and those should be kept in hand too. However, the airline headphones might end up working better.

Ask For Paid Options On Flight

For those who are willing to pay to listen to music, you will be surprised by the number of options available on the leading airlines.

They do care about this and want to make sure you are entertained.

In some cases, you are going to have access to free music but in others, you are going to be asked to pay for the in-flight music. We would take the time to look into this and even better is when you ask beforehand to prepare.

This will allow you to weigh the pros and cons of going with a music streaming service compared to the in-flight entertainment option. You will also want to account for the cost of the WIFI if it is paid.

Download Your Songs

We always look for simpler methods and this one works.

You can download the songs onto a smartphone and then play them. This is going to require you to go online and begin downloading music, which is not always ideal if you want to stick to the highest-quality audio available online.

For the most part, this is one option that will work just as well as you using a music streaming service such as Spotify or Apple Music on a plane.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps to listen to music on a plane the right way.

Focus on this when it comes to listening to music and making sure you are seeing appropriate results. It’s going to lead to the type of quality you are hoping for on a plane.

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