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7+ Best Inflight Magazines (Our Favorites!)

7+ Best Inflight Magazines (Our Favorites!)

Most fliers will be worried about using vacuum bags for packing luggage or weight limits on flights, but have you thought about what you will do on the plane?

We have talked about TSA rules for scissors and how to check the standby list for a flight. Now, we are going to look at the top inflight magazines based on our experiences as regular fliers.

We know the experience of being on a plane is going to vary depending on the airline you choose and the type of seat you buy.

Over the years, we have been on hundreds of flights across a wide array of airlines.

While it’s easy to put on a movie, we have also taken the time to read the inflight magazines on planes to see how they differ.

We are now going to shed light on the best inflight magazines and what makes them so good.

Top Inflight Magazines

Open Skies – Emirates

Emirates has long been regarded as one of the ultimate airlines in the world.

They are prompt, professional, and offer a clean environment that’s essential for a pleasant trip. We know most people are going to be looking at the core details including the seats and service, but we also enjoyed our time with Open Skies.

This is the name of their inflight magazine and it’s great.

The level of detail that has gone into the magazine has allowed it to earn awards over the years. This is the real deal and the quality control is outstanding for the inflight magazine.

Ling – Vueling

This is one name most people are not going to think about because the airline itself is not as renowned as the others on this list.

However, Vueling has done a great job with Ling.

Ling is one of the premier inflight magazines because it’s bright and unique. You are not going to find this type of design with other magazines and that alone makes it stand out. We were quite impressed with how beautiful the magazine was and it was a joy to go through.

Hemispheres (United Airlines)

Hemispheres is one of the more robust and well-designed inflight magazines on this list.

United Airlines is one airline we have used countless times over the years. This has allowed us to gain a better understanding of what makes this such an empowering magazine in the first place.

This is one of those magazines you are not going to be disappointed by.

It’s crisp, fun, and unique.

Skylife (Turkish Airlines)

When you are flying with Turkish Airlines, you are going to gain a better understanding of what the finer details are all about.

Turkish Airlines is great.

You can tell they have put a lot of thought into what they are doing and this includes Skylife. This is one of the premier inflight magazines right now because it’s easy to go through and the beauty of its design is hard to beat.

Msafiri (Kenya Airways)

Kenya Airways has impressed us recently with most things that are available on the flight.

This includes the breathtaking inflight magazine.

Msafiri is one of those unique magazines that is well-designed, beautiful, and simply works. As soon as you are going through it, you are going to begin to appreciate how well-made it is.

High Life – British Airways

When you think about British Airways, you are going to be thinking about efficiency, quality, and simplicity all wrapped into one core magazine.

Well, you are going to be impressed with the change through High Life.

This specific inflight magazine is fascinating because it’s different from the general ambiance British Airways gives to its customers. Instead, it’s bright, popping, and a modern twist on the inflight magazine.

We loved it!

Salamta – Ethiopian Airlines

The last name on the list is going to be Salamta from the Ethiopian Airlines.

We loved this magazine because it was fresh, unique, and you could tell the team that made it was local to the nation.

This allows you to appreciate the heart that has been put into the inflight magazine. it is a great representation of what Ethiopia is all about and we do appreciate this.

Final Thoughts

These are the top inflight magazines right now.

If you are going to be taking one of these airlines, you are going to have a wonderful time. These are world-class inflight magazines.

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