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How To Start Packing With Vacuum Bags (Expat Advice)

How To Start Packing With Vacuum Bags (Expat Advice)

Whether putting a laptop in your luggage or taking scissors in your carry-on, it’s important to have a good method for packing your valuables.

We have even moved with a pet and there are so many details to think about when it comes to flying in such circumstances.

One trick that can be used is packing with vacuum-sealed bags.

The general idea behind doing this is to take a vacuum-sealed bag and then add items into it before compressing them. This helps reduce the amount of space they take inside the luggage allowing for you to take more on the flight.

It’s often an interesting option for those who have bigger items that would otherwise take up half the bag.

We do use these vacuum bags for packing before a flight because they work well. Of course, this assumes you are using them the right way and have the right type of bag. You can end up saving quite a bit of space!

Here is what is required for using vacuum bags for packing.

Are Vacuum-Sealed Bags Allowed By TSA?

It’s best to start with the basics.

Yes, vacuum-sealed bags are permitted by the TSA and are often recommended as long as you keep the weight within the set limit.

If you are within the weight limit, you are going to be good to go with these bags. Plus, they are recommended as you can get more items into the luggage.

We feel this is one of the best ways to save space and it is going to be affordable too. In the past, one of the methods that was used was to take a vacuum cleaner and then “suck” the air out of the bag. This would automatically compress it and allow you to fit more into the luggage.

Nowadays, the technology has improved and you can just buy a compression bag for packing and it’s going to do the same thing.

We would recommend taking these bags when you need more space inside the luggage and want to ensure the softer items stay safe.

Things To Consider With Vacuum-Sealed Bags


The first issue is going to come in the form of weight and we have mentioned this earlier.

Just because you are compressing items in the luggage does not mean the weight is going to change for each specific item in the bag. You are still going to have to keep tabs on the weight and that is where people make mistakes.

You will have to take items out if the weight is too high and goes above the set limit. Keep this in mind even when you are using these bags.

If you are still unsure about the weight of the luggage and want to make sure it’s in line with what you need, it’s best to weigh everything after the bags are set up.

You should be able to get a good read with the help of a luggage scale. This will give you a proper read of how heavy the luggage is.

If you are unsure, it’s best to take out a few items because the compressed bags are going to give you false comfort about how much the weight is. Sometimes, the best option is to weigh the bag with the clothes uncompressed and then see if everything is within the set weight limit.


A lot of people state their clothes don’t look as good when they come out of the vacuum-sealed bags and that is often an issue while you are traveling.

Did we notice this while using vacuum-sealed bags for traveling?

Yes, some creasing does happen but we would recommend using the bags. The amount of space you save is worth it and you can iron out the creases in minutes.

Keep An Iron Ready

Just have an iron ready and you are going to be good to go.

We were able to manage all of the creases in our clothes instantly. It didn’t take a long time and the clothes were back to how they needed to be as soon as we were done prepping them.

Some people will also be willing to use a steamer and that works as well. It comes down to what you are aiming to do and the amount of space you have in the luggage. Sometimes, you are not going to have space for both an iron and a steamer.

It’s fine to go with one and you will see the results that you need with the compressed clothes in the luggage.

Final Thoughts

These are the things to consider when packing with vacuum bags.

We believe packing with vacuum-sealed bags is one of the best things a traveler can do. You are going to save quite a bit of space and it’s going to help protect the clothes too.

A lot of people worry about creasing with their clothes in vacuum bags but we feel they stay safe when they are in these bags. You are going to have less to fret about and that’s what matters the most. You are going to feel comfortable with the bags and they are not going to get ruined.

Keep this in mind when it’s time to make sure you are packing with a purpose.

Packing with vacuum bags is an efficient option and the new-age products are quite good too. You will like using them!