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How To Watch Movies On A Plane Without Internet (Tourist Guide)

How To Watch Movies On A Plane Without Internet (Tourist Guide)

We have talked about razors on a plane, United Airlines seating, and the maximum weight for planes, now it’s time to look at how to watch movies on a plane without WIFI.

We have all been there.

You are sitting on a plane and getting bored out of your mind. Since we travel a lot, it’s easy to get bored because you’re spending so much time on planes.

This is why we have taken the time to find a few hacks that allow us to entertain ourselves. This includes learning how to watch movies on a flight without an Internet connection. Yes, it’s fun to eat good food on a plane or just mingle with each other, but there are times when you want to put on the airplane headphones and watch a movie.

So, what do we do when this is the case?

We have found a few ways to get around the hurdle of no WIFI and we are going to share them with you in this guide.

Ways To Watch Movies On A Plane Without WIFI

Download The Movies Beforehand

This is a simple, effective strategy for those who want to watch movies on a plane.

You are going to access your movie streaming service and simply download the content so it is accessible offline. Netflix allows you to do this making it a breeze to view content offline when you are away from an Internet connection.

Why should you get bored when you are offline?

Netflix has made it a breeze and you should take advantage of this.

How do you do it through Netflix?

Just go to the movie on the app and hit the download button. It will be easy to find. The movie is going to be downloaded and will be accessible wherever you go.

Use The In-Flight Entertainment System

These days it’s rare for airlines to not include in-flight entertainment systems.

Passengers are going to have the chance to scroll through the screen in front of them and choose a movie. They know customers are going to want to watch something to entertain themselves and you will be able to do so with the entertainment system.

Their collection is not always too bad.

Take the time to go through and see if you like something.

We know you are not always going to watch what is set up on their entertainment system and that’s okay. Just take a look and always have the backup options that have been mentioned in this guide as a solution you can rely on.

If you like something on the system, go with it.

Otherwise, you are going to have your other solutions based on which direction you have decided to go in.

Buy The Movie Beforehand

You are going to have the option of purchasing the movie beforehand.

This is going to be done through Google Play Movies or Amazon Video. There are other options out there that sell movies to customers and then provide access to the link.

This is a simple solution because you don’t have to be online as soon as you buy the movie through these platforms. It’s a simple solution that works well because you paid for it.

Use An Offline Movie App

Some people are committed to using movie streaming services but there are other viable options depending on how tech-savvy you are.

This is going to include offline movie applications such as MX Player.

These are apps that are designed to make it possible to play movie files straight onto a device. The MX Player is going to handle the fire for you and you can then play it offline as soon as you have downloaded the movie file.

Of course, you will have to download the movie file from somewhere and this is going to depend on what you are looking for.

Use A Portable DVD Player

Now, it’s time to look at an old-school method for those who want to try something unique and don’t even want to deal with a smartphone.

You are going to bring a portable DVD player with you and a collection of DVDs.

This is as simple as it gets.

Just pop the DVD in and then begin playing the movie through the portable DVD player. We love this method because it’s so old-fashioned and just as effective as you want it to be on a flight.

Final Thoughts

These steps are key when learning how to watch movies on a plane without the Internet.

These methods are going to work well and you are going to have a great time. Take advantage of this and ensure you are being entertained on the flight.

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