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15+ Icons Of New York City (Tourist Advice)

15+ Icons Of New York City (Tourist Advice)

When it comes to the most iconic cities on the planet, New York City stands out as a financial hub that resonates across the world.

Whether it’s Wall Street, famous pop culture, or just the overall vibe of NYC, there is a charm associated with this city that transcends borders.

For those who are going to be in the US, it’s always worth visiting New York City.

With that in mind, here are the top icons of New York City.

Top Icons Of New York City

Statue of Liberty

If you are going to be visiting New York City then it’s time to start with one of the most appealing attractions in the area.

This would have to be the Statue of Liberty.

It’s one of the first things tourists think of when it comes to being in New York City. The Statue of Liberty is world-class when it comes to offering something unique and memorable.

During our time here, we adored the ferry ride out to the Statue of Liberty along with the overall experience of being able to go to the top.

To get to the Statue of Liberty, you are going to want to take the Statue Cruises ferry. This is the ferry that continues to run throughout the day and it’s going to let you get to where you want within minutes.

The Empire State Building

While most people are going to think of the Statue of Liberty in New York City, you are also going to want to think about The Empire State Building.

This is a fantastic part of the local history and it’s going to allow you to enjoy a moment settling into downtown New York City.

There is so much to do around the area and a lot of people congregate to watch as the sun sets with the building nearby.

The Brooklyn Museum

When it comes to the best icons of New York City, you are going to want to consider the Brooklyn Museum too.

This is a fascinating museum because it is far more international with its flavor.

You are going to be looking at a variety of exhibits that have been set up from around the world. This includes paintings from centuries ago along with various art pieces that are going to let you dive deeper into the past from different continents including Africa.

Ellis Island

If you are looking for a simple, quaint experience that is going to let you soak in the mesmerizing nature of New York City then it’s time to head out to Ellis Island.

This is a charming place and ideal for those who want to experience New York City in a way that has never been seen before by the average tourist.

Ellis Island is wonderful because it is historic and is quite easy on the eyes too.

The MoMA

We appreciate museums a lot and that is why we knew it was important to check out the heralded Museum of Modern Art.

This is known as MoMA and it is the real deal.

The reason we wanted to see what it had to offer started with the modern art pieces that are found on-site. These are some of the most intricate pieces in the region and you get to see them in different shapes and sizes throughout the location.

This is where the MoMA stands out.

We saw different types of paintings, photos, designs, and prints. It’s quite the experience once you are here.

Grand Central

Transit systems are an integral part of what makes the city work.

New York City is a busy place and that is going to all come to a headway when you reach Grand Central. People are coming and going throughout the day and this is a busy railway station that is going to impress right away.

Just the overall ambiance of Grand Central is straight out of a movie.

You are going to adore its intricate setup and how it vibes with so many people walking around during the day.

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

We enjoyed our time here.

This is a museum that has been designed with an emphasis on some of the more modern advancements in technology including aircraft.

This allows you to take a look at what aircraft carriers are all about and it’s a fun experience for the family to enjoy.

The Whitney Museum

Most people are going to want to enjoy a quiet, serene experience while checking out some of the more historic parts of New York City.

When looking at the best museums in New York City, you are going to want to consider The Whitney Museum.

This is a museum that has been designed around American art pieces and you are going to get to see them all in one place.

Washington Square Park

This is one of those parks that don’t get mentioned as much as they should be.

Washington Square Park is a beautiful park that is tucked in the heart of the city and is enjoyed by thousands of people throughout the week.

We love this park just for how beautiful it is and the ability to soak in the energy of the place.


Are you passionate about museums?

Well, you are going to want to check out The Metropolitan Museum of Art right away. There is a certain ambiance associated with this place and it’s going to offer the type of insight into world history that is not always possible in other parts of the world.

We found this to be a lot of fun while walking around.

You get to see numerous unique art pieces from one end to the other. There is so much to do here and you are just going to be in awe of its aura. The museum itself is a masterpiece and is going to hook you in as soon as you arrive.

Coney Island

People will often head out to one of the festivals on Coney Island.

Coney Island is a fun place to be during certain times of the year and it’s going to be ideal for those who are going with their family.

Why is it great?

They have rides set up that allow the kids to have a great time whether they want to stroll around or go on all of the available rides. Even adults can have a fun time here.

The amusement park is great and there is so much to do here.

Rockefeller Center

When you are taking the time to head out to New York City, you are going to want to pay attention to a beautiful spot such as the Rockefeller Center.

While you are there, head to the top as that is going to let you see the entire city in front of you.

It is a breathtaking view and one you are not going to forget anytime soon.

Final Thoughts

These are our favorite sights in New York City for those who are going to want to maximize their time in one of the world’s finest cities.

For us, New York City is a bubble of energy.

You are going to love your time here as long as you are willing to check out these tourist sights around New York City.

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