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5+ Best Mexican Grocery Stores (Local Approved)

5+ Best Mexican Grocery Stores (Local Approved)

We have looked into using the right adapter in Mexico and shopping on Amazon Mexico, but now it’s time to look at grocery stores in Mexico.

One thing that’s a part of life is going to be grocery shopping.

It doesn’t matter where you are, it’s essential to get your hands on good food. For those who are in Mexico, this is going to lead you down a few different paths and it will come down to what you want from the experience.

We have done grocery shopping in Mexico and this has led us to better appreciate what’s required.

Let’s take a look at the top grocery stores in Mexico and why we love them.

Best Grocery Stores In Mexico


This is one option a lot of the locals lean on when it’s time to find affordable food options.

If you are looking to save money and find fresh produce, you are going to head to what is known as a “Mercado” or a farmer’s market.

These are good options because you can end up comparing options between the stands. This is going to let you negotiate a bit and end u getting a good deal on a wide array of food items. This includes fruits and veggies.

We would often go down to these markets to check out what was available. It’s common for these to be set up throughout Mexico because it’s a part of the local culture. Look around for the ones in your area and take advantage of the deals you can end up finding here.

It is not just the pricing but also the quality of the produce. We were impressed with the quality and it was worth visiting these markets to see what was available.


This is a common option for those who are looking to go to a newer option in the region.

HEB has become a popular option in some parts of Mexico and it is heralded for offering quality products that are in line with what a Mexican requires. If you are looking for an American standard for grocery shopping then this might be an option you lean on.

It does work well and they are quite remarkable with their selection.

We took the time to walk around and saw a variety of products that we would get back home in America. This is useful for those who want to find good products at decent prices.

La Comer

For those who are looking to stick to local brands then it’s time to start with La Comer.

We adore La Comer because it’s a well-designed store and one that’s going to offer the type of ambiance you want to enjoy when you are grocery shopping in Mexico. This is one of those stores where you are going to be content with what you are getting to enjoy.

We loved it and the store was gorgeous.

Not only this but the foods that were on offer did provide tremendous value. You will like shopping at La Comer because it’s a heralded brand in the region and works well for those who want a simple, high-grade grocery shopping experience.


Soriana is another local brand that’s not going to disappoint you when it comes to quality, professionalism, and overall charm.

We appreciated how gorgeous this option was because it is a good brand that offers great prices. Most people are going to be leaning on this when it comes to finding a good deal and feeling confident in the value they end up getting.

Soriana is the real deal and it’s going to allow you to feel confident with the value you are getting.


Yes, this is one option people are going to look into.

Sometimes, you are going to want to do bulk grocery shopping in Mexico and when that’s the case, it’s essential to lean on an option such as Costco. This is an American brand that is well-known for its deals, so you are going to feel good about the value you are getting.

We appreciated the value we saw at Costco and it was just as good here as it is back in America.

Final Thoughts

These are the top grocery stores in Mexico.

It’s essential to choose a grocery store that is going to work with your needs. Each shopper is different when it comes to their needs, budget, and how they like shopping.

We know this, so we have taken the time to offer five different options that are all unique. Take the time to try each one and see which one works with your needs. This is how you are going to get the most out of your grocery shopping.

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