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Portland Oregon To Multnomah Falls – Fun Road Trip (Tourist Approved)

Portland Oregon To Multnomah Falls – Fun Road Trip (Tourist Approved)

Before planning a trip using Google Maps, it’s essential to understand where you’re going and what you hope to achieve with the trip.

We always do this because it helps set a list of priorities for the day trip.

One place that’s often heralded by Americans has to be the Multnomah Falls. This is noted for being the tallest waterfall in Oregon and is a picturesque sight throughout the year. Just being able to engage with the waterfall and take beautiful photos is worth the trip out from Portland.

This is a perfect day trip from Portland and is going to produce unforgettable memories.

We went to this area during the early summer months and it was a fascinating experience. We got to see natural beauty at its peak here, signifying Oregon’s elegance.

We know going from Portland to Multnomah Falls will be a fun trip. However, you are going to want to plan it properly and figure out the route you’re going to take when getting to Multnomah Falls from Portland.

Let’s take a look at what a day trip from Portland to Multnomah Falls is going to incorporate.

About Multnomah Falls

Let’s begin with a little history of the Multnomah Falls and why it continues to be one of the most cherished natural elements in Oregon to this day.

You will see people coming from all over the state and America to enjoy the hike around these falls and rightly so.

This is a waterfall that’s been popular for generations. It has been seen as a staple in the hiking world for those who are in Oregon and it has welcomed millions of people over the years. It’s common for people to head out to the Benson Footbridge and hike around the area when they’re looking to take beautiful photos.

This has made it a historic attraction in Oregon and one that’s worth checking out.

How To Get To Multnomah Falls From Oregon

You will want to make sure your route from Portland to Multnomah Falls is perfect.

Most people are going to vary the route they end up taking based on their preferences. We are going to shed light on what your options are.

We took the time to drive out to the waterfall in this part of Oregon from Portland and it was quite a bit of fun.

It took us around 50 minutes to get to Multnomah Falls from Portland. It was simple and it didn’t take a long time. The route that was prepared for us involved going to Interstate 84 and then following the signs until we got to the exit for Multnomah Falls.

It was as simple as this!

What if you are not going to be driving to the area? Do you have other options available to you?

Yes, it’s common for people to book a ticket for the Columbia Gorge Express, which is a popular bus service that runs between the two places. It’s one of the best tickets to get because it’s affordable and you are not going to have to do the drive yourself.

We often recommend this for those who are going in larger groups and just want to get to the hiking without being too tired from the drive!

A second option is going to be to bike to the area. This is a good option for those who have multiple hours to spend on the bike ride and are willing to use a bit of energy.

Things to do at Multnomah Falls

Hike To Benson Footbridge

If you are going to Multnomah Falls, it’s essential to enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors in this part of Oregon too.

This includes hiking to the Benson Footbridge, which is a fantastic place with some of the most appealing viewpoints in the state. You are going to be in awe of the natural beauty in this area and it’s going to allow you to experience the joy of the Columbia River Gorge too.

There are numerous trails in the area and you are going to adore how beautiful things are as soon as you are here.

Final Thoughts

This is the route you are going to want to take.

It is going to get you to the waterfall as soon as possible and it’s going to allow you to explore the region to your heart’s content. We often recommend people take the fastest route because the real beauty is going to be found at the waterfall.

You can then take the time to explore the various hiking trails in the area.

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