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8+ Fun Things To Do In Richmond England (Local Guide)

8+ Fun Things To Do In Richmond England (Local Guide)

Richmond is a fascinating village situated away from the hustle and bustle of downtown London.

This charming place is welcoming, unique, and ideal for those who want to go to a more tranquil place in this gigantic city.

We wanted to explore the villages of London and that’s when we took the time to head out to Richmond.

This includes assessing the best things to do in Richmond, England.

Top Things To Do In Richmond

Richmond Palace

Richmond Palace has been around for a long time and is one of the most historic spots in Richmond.

If you are a history buff, you are going to want to check out this site because it’s going to highlight what made Richmond Palace special during its peak. This was in the 1400s and it was a wonderful area that was designed by King Henry VII.

We took the time to visit the site and see what was still left of the palace.

There is not much but it is still possible to check out the various buildings associated with the Palace. It was fun to be able to walk through the area and just see how things were set up with the palace in Richmond, England.

You are also going to get to learn about the architectural elements that were used at the time.

Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill is a popular spot for those who are looking to be in an area that’s easy on the eyes, welcoming, and unique.

The view from here is breathtaking.

We often take the time to grab a coffee and just sit looking out at the river. It’s a beautiful sight and something you are not going to get to enjoy in other parts of the city.

Richmond Hill is home to numerous spots where you are going to fall in love with the overall view. We even took the time to walk closer to the river to get a better look. It’s an all-encompassing area that is ideal for those who want to enjoy the view.


Richmond is home to a gorgeous riverfront area where you can walk around and even head into the water if you are feeling courageous.

We have seen numerous people do this.

It’s a fun place because you can take the time to get onto one of the boats and even experience the overall joy of heading down the river while drinking a cup of coffee. We loved doing this and felt it elevated our time in Richmond.

Richmond Town Center

Richmond Town Center is a real winner for those who want to get more work in when it comes to shopping and just meeting locals.

This is one place where people are going to be everywhere.

We took the time to visit various stores in Richmond Town Center to see what the hype was all about. It was wonderful because there are so many unique stores in the center and it is great for a bit of window shopping too!

We took the time to come here on the weekend and see what was on offer. It was a lot of fun and we had a lovely time.

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is one of the most unique spots because it’s heralded for being one of the biggest botanical gardens in the region.

It’s spread across acres of land and the overall beauty of the area is incredible. You are going to be in love with the charm of the gardens as soon as you are here. Take in all of the garden areas, ponds, and more as you are here.

You are going to fall in love with it all.

We were mesmerized by the woodlands as just walking through the area in the summer is invigorating.

The famous Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew are just down the river from Richmond and are a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Richmond Park

Since this is a naturally beautiful village, especially during the warmer months of the year, we would highly recommend heading out to Richmond Park.

Richmond Park is a gorgeous park that’s colorful and welcoming.

We had a lovely time biking through the park and just enjoying its natural elegance. For those who want to take beautiful photos, have a picnic, or just walk around outdoors, it’s best to head to the gorgeous Richmond Park.

If you are lucky, you are going to get to see some wildlife too.

This is an outstanding place and one that is often underrated by those who are in town.

Ham Village

We were exploring various villages in London, so it made sense to combine this trip with another London village in the form of Ham Village.

Ham Village is a gorgeous place and one that is quite tranquil.

We appreciated being able to walk around, meet with the locals, and just appreciate the finer details of the village. This includes the greenery and the fancy open spaces throughout the hamlet. It’s a nice spot and one you are going to enjoy being in.


Twickenham is an underrated hidden gem for those who want to experience the overall charm of this part of London.

We wanted to see the architectural elements in the area.

It is known for having gorgeous homes and indeed that was the case! The homes are special and well-built, which will make you appreciate how finely designed everything is in this part of the city. We also took the time to walk through the streets and check out the pubs.

It’s a beautiful place that feels lived in and charming at the same time.

Final Thoughts

This is what Richmond in England is all about.

It is one of the most fascinating places in the country. You are going to love it. It will be a good change of pace from what you are going to see in downtown London.

We have also taken the time to explore London in the European Union, properties in London, and visiting Blackheath in England.