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What Is Japan Known For? 11+ Best Japanese Things To Experience (Tourist Guide)

What Is Japan Known For? 11+ Best Japanese Things To Experience (Tourist Guide)

Once you book a hotel in Japan, it’s time to start looking for things to do in Japan including the ryokans in Hakone.

We visited Kyoto and fell in love with the culture. It’s a vibrant place with charming people, beautiful sights, and a natural ambiance that is unlike other places both in Asia and the rest of the world.

You are going to be mesmerized by this change as soon as you arrive and we were too.

However, if you are going to be in Japan then it’s time to start understanding what Japan is known for around the world and among locals. This is going to allow you to experience the local culture better than other tourists.

We will break down the top things Japan is known for.

Best Things Japan Is Known For

Cherry Blossoms

This is one of the most popular natural elements associated with Japan and it adds to its riveting beauty as soon as you get to view it.

Known as the Sakura, a cherry blossom is an absolute delight to look at.

It is the national flower and you are going to be charmed by its natural beauty as soon as you look at it. When you get to see lots of cherry blossoms at once, your breath is going to be taken away and you will get goosebumps like we did!

It’s an exceptional natural element and allows you to understand the beauty of the outdoors.

You can see these during the spring when they are blossoming.

Mount Fuji

Japan has long been known for its renowned Mount Fuji.

This mountain stands tall at 3,776 meters and is a robust masterpiece when it comes to natural attractions in Japan.

We highly recommend heading out to view Mount Fuji from up close while hiking around the area. This is a remarkable sight and it’s going to impress you right away.

It’s important to note that this is a volcano.

You are going to want to take tours of the area with a guide to get a better sense of what Mount Fuji is all about but it’s worth it.

Sumo Wrestling

You will often hear people talk about the sumo wrestlers of Japan.

Their enormous size and athletic grace are impossible to ignore and you will want to check it out in person when you are in Japan. It is an exhilarating experience as soon as you are here.

Since it is a national sport in Japan, you can easily find matches going on throughout the country. You might even want to give it a shot when you are in Japan!

Vending Machines

This is something you are going to be surprised by depending on where you are coming from.

Japanese citizens love their vending machines and it’s common to see them in all sorts of places around the major cities. We have even seen them in rare spots that you would never find in other nations around the world including parks.

We were shocked to see this but it’s simply the way things are in Japan.

You can walk up to the vending machine and get what you want including all types of foods.


Pop culture has made ninjas quite popular when it comes to Japan and its associations with specific national elements.

Ninjas are known as assassins that do their bidding privately and out of sight. It’s important to note they are famous in Japan but don’t have the same respect as the other warriors including the samurai. Those are seen as the more esteemed warriors of Japan.

Ninjas are all about deception and being unique with their skill sets to get things done.


When you are in Japan, you are often going to see specific dresses that are local to the area.

This includes the famous kimono.

A kimono is a great option for those who want to wear something local and it does look quite riveting as soon as you put it on too. It’s common to put this at a formal occasion in Japan and it is simply a set of beautiful robes that are designed by locals.


The transit system in Japan is world-class and we were thoroughly impressed by how efficient everything is in this part of the world.

The bullet train or Shinkansen is the real deal.

This is a bullet train that is quick and is going to get you from point A to point B in Japan rapidly. It is capable of going up to 198 MPH.


When it comes to onsens, it’s essential to understand the culture of Japan.

Onsens are known as hot springs in Japan and it’s common to find them in various parts of the nation. People tend to check them out as they are known for being powerful and important in Japanese culture due to how they generate heat.


If you are someone who loves drinking then you are going to want to give Sake a taste.

This is a type of alcoholic beverage that is made in Japan and it is created with the use of fermented rice. It has a unique taste and it is renowned for offering a potent taste that is going to work well for those who want to feel good after drinking.

We loved the taste and it was unique too.

You will often find locations that sell local sake around Japan.


The manga culture has grown substantially in Japan over the years and is now a worldwide phenomenon that continues to grow over time.

People love the characters associated with these mangas and animes. You are often going to see this around the world, but it all originates from Japan. This means you are going to find anime shops all over Japan and it can be fun to explore them.

There is a serious culture here surrounding these characters and series. You will want to learn more about them as soon as you are in Japan.


When you are looking for something to do, you are often going to hear about what is known as a pachinko.

The pachinko is found in Japan and it is seen as a slot machine.

It is a fun way to play and it acts as a unique option for those who love slot machines in the west and just want to play a game based on luck.

the general idea of the game is to have balls that are going to fall into space and there are specific ways of winning more.

Final Thoughts

This is what Japan is known for.

If you are staying in Tokyo, you are going to pick up on these things quickly.

We recommend including these elements in your Japan trip if you are heading out to this part of Asia. It’s going to amplify your fun in the nation.