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5+ Best Luaus In Kona (Local Approved)

5+ Best Luaus In Kona (Local Approved)

Whether it’s the best luaus in Kauai, the top luaus in Maui, or the finest luaus in Oahu, you are going to want something worth visiting.

This is going to include those who are looking for the best luau in Kona right now.

For those who are residing in Hawaii, we know it’s always nice to be able to make the most of a good luau in Kona. This is going to include those who are visiting Hawaii and want to learn more about the island’s history along with its people.

We have been in Kona for a while and appreciate its beauty better than most.

We find this to be a place that is welcoming and it’s also jam-packed with historic elements that are going to blow you away.

Here are the best luaus in Kona based on what we have experienced.

Best Luaus In Kona

Feast & Fire Luau (Outrigger Kona Resort & Spa)

One of the premier luaus in Kona has to be the Feast & Fire Luau.

This is a remarkable experience because you are going to enjoy how well-organized everything is. We spent time here and it was enthralling to be around the locals and just learn more about the region’s history.

When you are here, you are going to get to learn a lot about King Kamehameha and you are also going to get to find out more about the first people in Kona. This is great information and that also includes the top-grade food you are going to get to eat on-site.

The chefs are some of the best in the world. We simply adored the food they prepared as the local cuisine was mouthwatering. You are going to fall in love with the fish delicacies and the pig that is on offer. It is simply outstanding.

This is important for those who just want to explore the area, eat good food, and also enjoy the historic elements that are available at the luau.

Sunset Luau (Waikoloa Beach Marriott)

The Sunset Luau is a great option because of its world-class food.

This is one of the stand-out benefits of going to the Sunset Luau in Kona. You are going to have access to Waikoloa Beach and it’s an enthralling experience to be able to eat quality food. They offer some of the best steaks on the island and you are going to be immersed in cultural elements all around you while at the luau.

This is what matters as it is not just about the food but also the entertainment you are going to get to enjoy.

The dancing is a lot of fun and you are also going to love the view of the beach. It’s simply wonderful for those who are looking to enjoy a relaxing, fun time with good food.

Voyagers of the Pacific Luau (Royal Kona Resort)

This is one of the most popular luaus in Kona right now.

The Voyagers of the Pacific Luau is one of those top-tier experiences that you are going to want to have on your itinerary. We realized it was a lot of fun because it is also set in the Royal Kona Resort, which is one of the premier locations on the island right now.

We love the overall ambiance and it is quite welcoming because of the locals. You are going to get to meet with the locals, learn about the Hawaiian culture, and also eat local cuisine that is going to make your mouth water.

It’s simply impressive and that is what matters.

We were able to take part in the dancing and also eat quality fish food that will blow your mind. We spent a few hours just admiring the dancers and the work they were putting in. It is quite the sight.

Hawaii Loa Luau

If you are in Kona, you are going to want to take a look at the Hawaii Loa Luau.

This is a great one because it offers a specialized selection of entertainment options that are going to immerse you in the local culture. This is going to include being able to learn more about the local settlers and the music of the region.

This is something you are going to want to experience first-hand. The drums are going to impress and you are going to enjoy eating the quality food being presented to you by the chef too. It’s a wonderful experience and one you are never going to forget.

We fell in love with the steaks, desserts, and more when we were here.

Island Breeze Luau (Courtyard by Marriott King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel)

The last one on the list is going to be the quality Island Breeze Luau.

This is hosted by Marriott and is the real deal for those who want perfection. Everything has been organized with a lot of care and it is heralded for how refined everything is. We know Marriott is the real deal because they are a renowned name for a reason.

You are going to realize this because of the dancing, quality food, and how you are going to get to view the gorgeous Kamakahonu Bay while you are here. It is the view that is going to take your breath away and it is why we wanted to participate in the luau.

Final Thoughts

These are the best luaus in Kona right now.

When it comes to Kona luaus, you are not going to mind what you see here. It’s an enthralling experience and one that is going to impress you instantly.

You will know this is an experience that’s going to win you over and it’s going to allow you to learn more about the local history.