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31 Pros And Cons Of Living In Hawaii (Expat Advice)

31 Pros And Cons Of Living In Hawaii (Expat Advice)

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

People from all walks of life want to spend time on the island and that’s what makes it charming. You will adore your time here and that’s why people think about moving to Hawaii.

Moving to Hawaii means access to world-class beaches, picturesque sights, a great culture, and warm weather. For a lot of people, this is heaven on Earth and that’s why it is at the top of the list for those who want a safe place to live.

While all of this is true, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows in Hawaii.

You will want to get a comprehensive look at what it means to live in Hawaii. This guide is going to look at the benefits and drawbacks of living in Hawaii.

Pros Of Living In Hawaii

World-Class Beaches

This is one of the most obvious benefits of living in Hawaii.

You are going to absolutely fall in love with the beaches here. These are premier beaches that have crystal clear water, great sand, and the type of views to die for.

A lot of people come from across the planet to lounge at these beaches.

Gorgeous Greenery

The greenery is exceptional.

Due to the great weather, it’s common for the sun to be out, which helps the greenery stay lush throughout the year.

When you are walking around, you will enjoy your time on the island and how beautiful it is.

Fun-Loving People

The culture of Hawaii is one of its fascinating plus points.

To go along with its culture, you are going to adore the people. These are fun-loving people that are always enjoying the good weather and having a great time.

You will love joining in on the fun as it is going to elevate your time on the island.

Great Culture

When the people are great, you are going to adore being around them.

We also appreciate the Hawaiian culture and how unique it is. You are going to notice this whether it is through the food, celebrations, or how they lead their lives.

It is a fascinating look into the lives of people that are having a great time.

Warm Weather

This is one of the main advantages of moving to Hawaii.

The weather is going to be nice for most of the time. There are certain periods where it rains more and you have to be aware of potential tropical storms but otherwise, the weather is going to be pleasant.

This is why tourists come to Hawaii because the weather is great.

Lots Of Free Experiences

In some places, you always have to pay a fee to enjoy fun things.

This is not the case with Hawaii.

There is a lot to do here and sometimes it’s as simple as hopping over to the nearest beach. This makes it easy to have a good time without spending a penny.

Access To Other Islands

You are also going to be close to places such as Fiji.

This is useful for those who want to take a look at some of the other islands in the region. Yes, you are not going to be as close to the bigger nations on the planet but it is still possible to have a good time on these islands.

Plus, Hawaii itself has numerous hotspots that you are going to want to take a look at.

Ideal For Water Sports

If you are a water sports enthusiast then this is the place to be.

Water sports are a big thing here and a part of the local culture. This makes it ideal for those who want to get into the water for a bit of surfing or swimming.

The culture here supports those sports and you will always find someone who enjoys these elements.

Easy To Explore Other Parts Of Hawaii

Hawaii is not just one spot.

You are going to have various parts of the island and each one has its characteristics. This is great for those who are moving to Hawaii because you can enjoy each subsection of Hawaii to your heart’s content as it does not take a long time to get to those parts.

Being able to enjoy the island in this manner is beneficial.

Diverse Communities

While you are not going to see representation for all communities on the island, you will still be dealing with a diverse community.

It is common to see people speaking different languages plus you are going to see numerous tourists pass through the area.

When you are heading to the main attractions on the island, it’s common for people from all over the world to show up.

Great For Retirement

Let’s assume you are thinking about retiring in Hawaii.

This is a great place for that time in your life.

The weather is great and anyone that just wants to sit down on the beach and enjoy the waves will want to put Hawaii on the top of their list. This is a paradise when it comes to the quality of the island and how good it is for retirees.

Lots of Jobs

When you are looking to move abroad, you will need to consider the employment opportunities available to you.

What about Hawaii?

Does it have enough jobs for people that want to do well and make money?

There are lots of jobs but they might not be the ones that you want. It is important to look into this if you do want to seek out a job beforehand.

Delicious Fruits

One of the more underrated parts of moving to Hawaii would be the fruits.

There is a charm associated with these fruits as the weather is perfect for growing them. When it gets hotter, you are going to have delicious fruit available and it is going to be affordable too.

This is what makes fruit on the island a must-have for those who want something sweet and tasty.

Lots Of Outdoor Recreational Activities

Most of the culture in Hawaii is about the outdoors.

This is something you are going to see in all walks of life.

Whether you are heading to the beach, going for a swim, or just enjoying one of the hiking trails in the area, there is something for everyone to do outdoors.


There’s one thing you cannot deny about Hawaii and that’s how scenic it is.

This is one of the most gorgeous places on the planet.

Whether it’s the blue skies, clear water, or the pristine sand under your feet, everything about this island is breathtaking.

Great For Going Off The Grid

If you are someone that is thinking about going off the grid for a while, this is the place for you.

Most of the island is designed around this being a reality.

It’s easy to slip away and disconnect for a bit. This might be something you are hoping to do in the future and this would be the place to go.

Easy To Welcome Family And Friends

Everyone loves the idea of spending time in Hawaii.

You are going to become popular with those who are not on the island. They will want to visit for a while and this can make it easier to stay connected with your loved ones.

A vacation to Hawaii is always on the cards.

Good Local Discounts

When you are a local, it’s common to end up getting discounts on items.

These are done to make it easier to live on the island and you will also learn about more opportunities due to you living in Hawaii.

We recommend keeping an eye out for these deals because they are well worth it over time.

No Extreme Wildlife

While there is wildlife in Hawaii, it is not going to be as extreme as other parts.

You are still on an island, which means a lot of animals are not going to be present as they would be in interlocked countries.

This is a positive for those who don’t want to be exposed to this type of wildlife all the time.


It is a safe place to live.

Hawaii is among the safest islands on the planet and you can live here with your family. It’s important to consider this element when it comes to moving to Hawaii.

You will enjoy your time here and feel secure about your possessions.

Cons Of Living In Hawaii

Expensive Housing

If there is one disadvantage of living in Hawaii, it would be your upfront cost to get a foot in the door.

Most people want to buy a house on the island but it is not easy to do so. One of the reasons would be the lack of supply because there is only so much space available on an island such as Hawaii.

Plus, this is a tourist hotspot, which brings people from all walks of life looking to invest money on housing.

Lots Of Tourists

This is a major disadvantage for those who are already on the island.

The major attractions are going to get busy during the warmer months because people want to spend time on the island.

This makes Hawaii a good amount of money through tourism but it also means having to deal with tourists of all kinds.

Extreme Weather At Times

While the weather is good for the most part, it is still possible to deal with rainy periods and tropical storms depending on the time of the year.

It’s essential to keep this in mind when it comes to staying safe on the island.

If you are prepared for this, you will be good to go and the weather won’t get you down.

Lack Of Connection To Other Countries

This is a hurdle for those who love traveling.

You are not going to be closed to other nations on the planet as Hawaii is an island. This means flying out to those countries is expensive and that might be a major concern for those who do like getting away from the island from time to time.

Hard To Feel Like You Belong

It is not easy to feel like you belong when you move to Hawaii.

Why is this the case?

The main issue people report has to do with not being a part of the local culture as you would be when you were born in Hawaii.

This will take a bit of time to get used to but it’s all about keeping an open mind.

High Cost Of Living

It is going to be pricey living on the island.

This is simply due to how much it costs to get items to the island. You are the one who is going to be footing the bill on those items during your daily shopping.

It’s important to factor this into your ability to lead a healthy life.

Limited Seasonal Changes

The weather does not change like it would in other places.

You are not going to get a winter here.

This means sometimes a person might not notice the change of seasons. Remember that a lot of people come in the winter from other places because for them this is a plus point.

It might not be as convenient for those who are on the island the entire year.

Hard To Find High-Paying Jobs

Yes, there are a lot of jobs but that does not mean they are high-paying jobs.

You are going to have to account for this before coming to Hawaii. Otherwise, you might end up with a low-paying job that might not suit your skillset.

We recommend finding a job beforehand if you are certain employment is required for you to thrive.

Lots Of Saltwater

Saltwater is common on the island.

This means you are going to have various issues to deal with that might not occur in other parts of the world.

This can damage parts of your property and it is something to account for when you are in Hawaii.

Hard To Travel

It is not easy to travel when you live on the island.

Most people don’t have the budget to spend on airline tickets and that can make it feel like you are stuck in one place forever.

It’s important for you to know traveling is not going to be easy if you are coming to Hawaii.

High Shipping Costs For Everything

When you are on an island such as Hawaii, you are going to be out of the way for all of the major countries around the world.

This means international shipping is costly.

You are going to be paying a premium to get the items you have bought online.

Final Thoughts

For those who are looking at moving to Hawaii, these advantages and disadvantages of living in Hawaii will shed light on your options.

We do recommend living in Hawaii as it is beautiful, offers great beaches, and the culture is vibrant. However, the housing is expensive and the job market might not have the job you are on the lookout for while moving in.

It’s best to weigh the pros and cons of living in Hawaii before deciding.

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