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11+ Best Restaurants In Sausalito (Local Approved)

11+ Best Restaurants In Sausalito (Local Approved)

We have compared the best California red wines to the finest California white wines, but there’s nothing better than finding a good place to eat in the state.

When we took the time to head to Sausalito, we were hungry.

We wanted to find the best restaurants in Sausalito and start devouring our food. This is when we started to look around and found it hard to locate a restaurant that matched our needs.

As a result, we have taken the time to come up with a list of top Sausalito restaurants you can eat at.

Top Restaurants In Sausalito

Le Garage

Le Garage is a unique name and one that’s going to stand out because of its design.

The bistro has a French-inspired menu and that is what adds to its appeal in Sausalito. We were looking for a good French meal and were not disappointed as soon as we walked into this location. You are going to be on the marina, which means the experience is unlike other restaurants on this list.

Le Garage is the real deal and has the customer service you are on the hunt for.

We loved the mussels we got here and the staff was great with us throughout our meal.


Are you looking for a bit of Indian food in Sausalito?

We were in this position one night and decided it was time to find a good Indian restaurant in Sausalito. This is when we came across the charming Avatar’s.

This is a world-class restaurant because you are going to be eating unique dishes that have not been served before. We were enthralled by this fusion of Mexican and Indian dishes uniquely.

Bar Bocce

Bar Bocce is all about the simplicity of good customer service, a well-rounded menu, and great pizza.

This is what they are known for.

The pizza is simply outstanding and having the waterfront view only adds to its appeal. We came on a bright, sunny day, which only added to the charm of being here. We were looking out at the water while munching on our hot pizza.

It was a memorable experience and they are also detail-oriented with their customer service. It’s a great spot, especially when you sit outdoors.

Fred’s Place

Fred’s Place is known for being efficient.

They keep things simple and to the point. You are going to get to eat good breakfast dishes here and know the consistency is not going to let you down.

The staff was friendly and the location was clean. We loved coming here early in the morning as it was close to our hotel making it an ideal stopping point for us during the day in Sausalito. We highly recommend this for those who want a good breakfast.

Barrel House Tavern

Barrel House Tavern is a beautiful location and one that has a great menu.

It is not just about the food here because you are also going to get a comprehensive drinks menu to choose from. They take the time to understand what the customer wants and make sure those needs are met.

We were also impressed with the location of the restaurant because it’s inside a ferry terminal. This is appealing because it’s unique.

The food was exceptional and we do recommend the ribs.

Sushi Ran

Thinking about grabbing some sushi in Sausalito?

We know this is a requirement for people and if you want the best sushi in Sausalito then we would recommend going to Sushi Ran. This is a world-class Japanese establishment and the quality of the sushi is not going to disappoint.

You are going to feel comfortable with the cleanliness of their restaurant and how they go about doing things.

The Lighthouse Cafe

This is known for its classy, sophisticated elegance. The Lighthouse Cafe has been around for 50+ years and is the real deal when it comes to Sausalito establishments.

You are not going to be disappointed by the music playing in the background as you grab food at The Lighthouse Cafe.

Their food quality is outstanding and among the best in the city.

Buckeye Roadhouse

If you are looking for a luxurious restaurant in Sausalito then it is best to consider Buckeye Roadhouse.

This is a world-class establishment that is spacious, intricate, and their customer service is out of this world. You are going to be in awe of their old-school vibe because it’s going to feel like you have walked into the past where people would dress up to the restaurant.

You are going to want to do the same here because of how gorgeous the suit is.

We loved it here!


Joinery is all about giving you access to good beer in Sausalito and sometimes that is all you are going to be on the lookout for.

We adored our time at this location because they have a great view of the water and you get to drink quality beer in one place. Plus, their food is great too and that only adds to its appeal.

The Trident

The Trident is a nice restaurant and is well-regarded for being a great place for those who care about the view when at a restaurant.

It is beautiful and you are going to get to see Alcatraz Island when you are seated here.

The food is also wonderful and you are going to want to try the crab at this location. They do a great job of preparing the crab and it is as tasty as you would want seafood to be.

The Spinnaker

Imagine being by the water and getting to view everything that’s going on in the water while also being able to enjoy good food.

We were able to do this at The Spinnaker and that’s what made our time at the restaurant fun.

We were able to people-watch, enjoy great food, and have a fun time. This is what matters the most because there is a sense of charm in being this close to the water.

Final Thoughts

These are the best Sausalito restaurants for you to consider.

Focus on choosing from these restaurants in Sausalito and have a great time in the city.

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