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Best Vancouver Island Waterfalls (Expat Approved)

Best Vancouver Island Waterfalls (Expat Approved)

When you start spending time in Vancouver, you will often hear about the many waterfalls of Vancouver Island.

We find these waterfalls in Vancouver to be breathtaking and well worth the time to check out.

They are going to blow you away.

Whether it is Alice Falls, Christie Falls, or Della Falls, these are gorgeous to look at and experience in real life. You will want to spend a few hours at each to see what they are all about and also experience the joy of the water falling.

It is going to take you away from whatever is going on in your life at that moment.

Here are our favorite waterfalls on Vancouver Island.

Best Waterfalls On Vancouver Island

Alice Falls

When comparing major cities such as Vancouver and Toronto, we often talk about the natural elements. It’s important to include Alice Falls as a plus point for Vancouver.

Alice Falls is the real deal.

This is a cozy waterfall that is easy on the eyes and is going to let you enjoy the perks of being in Vancouver. To get to it, you are going to head to Port Alice and it is going to let you enjoy not only the waterfall but the wildlife in the area too.

It’s common for people to see things such as deer and cougars here.

Della Falls – Strathcona Park

Della Falls is an impressive natural sight.

It’s located in Strathcona Provincial Park and is heralded for its beauty. You are going to appreciate its staggering height and presence, which makes it stand out in comparison to some of the other waterfalls in the region.

Just the joy of walking around the area, exploring the lake, and seeing all it has to offer can be fascinating.

We have taken the time to walk on the trails near it and it can be quite the experience as you get to Grand Central Lake.

We find this to be one of the most inspiring waterfalls in the region and a must-see for those who love natural sights such as this.

Hole in the Wall – Port Alberni

This one has a unique name you are going to always remember.

It is situated close to Port Alberni and is appreciated for being a charming waterfall. The Hole in the Wall is essentially a name that is used to describe how the waterfall looks. There is a hole in the rock wall that allows for access to the area.

You are going to get to the area and then walk towards the stream of water. This is imperative for those who want to appreciate the natural charm of a Vancouver Island waterfall.

Niagara Falls – Goldstream Park

When we compare different regions of British Columbia, it’s common to talk about specific names that resonate with the local populace.

However, this is one that people in Ontario might look at twice wondering how Niagara Falls has moved over to British Colombia suddenly!

Indeed, this is going to throw you off too.

In general, Niagara Falls is not just for Ontario. It’s also going to be seen on Vancouver Island as there is a separate Niagara Falls located in Goldstream Park and it is quite the sight.

You are going to see this near a trail close to Highway 19 and it’s going to impress immediately.

Hidden Falls – Sombrio Beach

Most people are going to know about this classic waterfall situated on Sombrio Beach.

This is a beach people tend to visit during the warmer months and it is renowned for surfing. You will often see people going for a dip in the water, lounging under the sun, or loving the waterfall in the background.

We find this to be a gorgeous waterfall because it is going to be inside the canyon. As you walk in, you are going to gain access to the waterfall and it will be a beautiful sight.

Mystic Beach Waterfall

This 10-meter waterfall is small, adorable, and perfect for those who want to enjoy a hidden gem in the area.

People adore this one because it’s positioned over the sand.

This means the water falls onto the sand and that creates a unique picture and a great spot for those who want those Instagram-worthy photos. We love this spot for that reason.

It is also one that is going to have to be timed properly as you will want to make sure it’s safe to walk around.

Trent River Falls – Royston

Trent River Falls is a charming natural sight.

You will like this waterfall because it’s steep and it’s going to be noticeable as soon as you reach the end of the trail. People will often walk the trail, explore the area, and then head to the Trent River Falls to take it in.

This is one of those falls that is going to shine during the warmer months and you will appreciate sitting close to it.

Lady Falls

Lady Falls has a unique name.

It is going to be one of those trails that people like taking because it’s great with anyone. You are not going to be challenged as you are walking on the trail and it will be a straight path.

Get to the trail and then head straight to Lady Falls. It is a picturesque hike that is not as taxing as some of the others on Vancouver Island.

We believe this is one of those beautiful waterfalls that is a must-see.

Nymph Falls – Courtenay

Nymph Falls is designed to settle into the background but that doesn’t mean it looks odd.

Instead, Nymph Falls is the real deal as it is set on bedrock and surrounded by the rainforest. You will like strolling through the area, taking in the waterfall, and also seeing some of the greenery in the area. It is all about the overall experience when you are here.

We do like how they have kept the area clean over the years to make sure those who do come have a great time.

Christie Falls – Ladysmith

Christie Falls is a well-known waterfall in the area and you are going to admire it.

We like Christie Falls because it is situated close to 1st Avenue and people will often take the time to walk through the area.

People will often stop by the downtown core and then begin working their way through to the waterfalls. This is when you are going to head straight to the hiking trail and begin your journey to the waterfall.

Little Qualicum Falls

The last one on the list is going to be Little Qualicum Falls.

Yes, this is one of those beautiful falls that is going to stand out because of the mountains in the background. We like this for the view and it is going to be one of the more peaceful ones you get to view from top to bottom.

We like what the Little Qualicum Falls are all about and that’s what makes them special.

Final Thoughts

We feel these are the top waterfalls on Vancouver Island and should be on your itinerary when heading out to this part of the province.

These waterfalls on Vancouver Island are a must for those who want to explore the area to the fullest.

It’s recommended to add 2-3 of these waterfalls to your itinerary and then begin the hiking experience. You will have a great time as long as the weather is great.

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