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Dubai Weather In July (Local Advice)

Dubai Weather In July (Local Advice)

The one thing Dubai is renowned for is its weather.

While most people will be heading to a Dubai water park, it’s common for people to come to this region and explore the riches of Dubai during this time of the year.

The weather in Dubai during July can be fascinating and it’s important to make sure you are recognizing what the weather is like in greater detail.

We have stayed in Dubai during this time of the year and can shed light on our experience with the conditions.

Here is a look at the weather in Dubai during July.

Dubai Weather In July

In general, the weather in July is going to be hot.

It is going to be hotter than any other time of the year as it is in the middle of the summer season. You are going to be looking at an average temperature that is going to be soaring past 41°C throughout July.

However, you have to note, that it feels even hotter during the afternoon.

Based on recent years, it can go up to an average temperature of 48°C during the afternoon in July. As you can imagine, this is remarkably hot and most people stay indoors during the day since it is unreasonable to stand outdoors for too long.

The idea of outdoor activities goes out the window too!

The only time people like heading outdoors in July would be when they are going to the beach areas or a local swimming pool. This is when the water is going to be cool and it’s easier to relax without worrying about the searing heat outside.

If you are thinking about staying in Dubai during July, we recommend spending most of your time indoors during the day and then heading out in the evenings. This will allow you to tolerate the weather better.

How hot does it get in the evenings?

It tends to settle around 30°C, which is a lot better than how hot it gets in the afternoon.

Tips For Visiting Dubai In July

Stay Indoors

It is going to be hot outside and there’s no denying this.

Dubai is known for its heat and you are coming in the middle of the summer. This is not a good thing for those who want to make sure they are enjoying the weather and staying as relaxed as possible.

Staying indoors is not ideal but it is far better than getting sunburned when you step outside in the heat!

The beauty of Dubai is that there is lots to do indoors too. The region is prepared for the heat and offers a wide array of things to do when you are walking around the region in the summer.

Plan For The Evenings

Just like you are going to be staying indoors, you can also opt to step out in the evenings when the sun goes down.

It is still going to be hot but it will not be as unbearable as it gets in the afternoon.

As a result, you can end up doing outdoor activities such as walking around the area and just exploring a bit. This is something you can do in the evenings as Dubai is quite safe too.

Get Your Sunscreen Out

You are going to have to get your sunscreen out.

It is hot and if you are thinking about going outside, it is essential to put on your sunscreen. You do not want to expose your skin to those types of conditions as they are not going to feel too good.

Plus, you are going to be endangering yourself and that is the last thing a person wants.

If you are going to be heading to the beach, you will want to account for this. Remember that the water is still going to be warm in the afternoon, so you need to be prepared for this. It’s not going to be as cold as you would like.

Save Money

Yes, you are going to be saving money during this time of the year.

As you can imagine, the heat tends to repel tourists. People don’t want to get stuck in burning hot weather where it’s unbearable to walk around for too long.

However, you can end up getting great deals everywhere.

This includes flights, hotels, and even tourist attractions. It is still going to be expensive but not as much as it would be during peak times in the year.

Most things are going to be open around Dubai, so you are still going to get a similar experience to what a tourist would get during peak season. This is all a person is going to care about if the goal is to ensure they are having a good time.

Dress For The Weather

We would recommend wearing lighter colors and also making sure you have headgear on (i.e. a cap). It’s just a way to reduce the impact of the sun on your body.

Otherwise, heavy clothing is going to weigh you down and you are going to begin to sweat profusely. This is not a comfortable situation to be in and it’s not something you want to deal with.

We would also recommend taking the time to make sure you are keeping cool. This means wearing clothing that is going to allow for the breeze to touch your skin. This can be something as simple as putting on a t-shirt.

Final Thoughts

This is the weather in Dubai during July.

In the end, you are going to be dealing with hot conditions and that is a guarantee. It’s not going to be raining in July and you are going to be facing clear skies with the scorching sun above your head.

It’s a reality that you are going to have to deal with and it’s a part of what you are going to face in a situation such as this.

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