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11+ Florida Resorts For Adults Only (Updated)

11+ Florida Resorts For Adults Only (Updated)

For those who are looking to spend time in a Florida resort, it’s essential to plan ahead and understand what your options are.

We are aware of family-friendly resorts in Florida and have been in them, but sometimes you are going to want an adults-only resort in Florida.

This is where it’s best to look at options that are going to have all of the amenities you are hoping for along with the quality that’s required during a stay.

Here is our take on the best Florida resorts for adults only.

Best Florida Resorts For Adults Only

La Te Da

La Te Da is an exquisite adults-only resort in Florida and offers the type of luxury you’re hoping for during a stay in this part of America.

You are going to enjoy its authenticity, gorgeous amenities, and the overall vibe of the resort. You are going to have so much to do here whether it involves on-site entertainment, top-tier dining options, and/or the bars that are available to you.

We do recommend coming to La Te Da and find it to be one of the best adults-only resorts in Florida. You are going to enjoy your time here.

Hoyt House Inn

Hoyt House Inn is one of the better examples of a resort that’s quiet, calm, and welcoming. You are not going to be opposed to the idea of just settling on the beach, looking out at the ocean, and enjoying the warm sand under your body.

This is where the Hoyt House Inn shines because it’s well-placed and you are going to fall in love with the overall ambiance of the area.

Plus, you are going to be exposed to more than just the beaches here. You are going to have access to great food, art galleries, and more.

Kona Kai Resort

Most people are not going to consider this adults-only Florida resort because of the other names on this list, but it’s a hidden gem for us.

Kona Kai Resort is great because it offers an experience that’s more private. People who want to be left on their own in a great setting will enjoy this particular resort. It’s peaceful and ideal because you are going to have lots of things to do on your own or with a partner.

Lots of couples spend time here as it is a romantic resort in Florida.

The Grand Resort & Spa

The Grand Resort and Spa is one of those top-tier resorts that are going to offer everything you covet from a modern-day setup.

This starts with access to top-quality beaches with warm sand and gorgeous water. Plus, you are going to gain access to open spots for sunbathing while also being able to settle in peaceful spots nearby.

We often recommend taking the time to enjoy the cocktails on-site because these are some of the best in town.

Blanc Kara

If you are going to be staying near South Beach then it’s time to look at Blanc Kara.

It’s an enthralling resort because it offers access to all of the activities you are going to want to do in this part of Miami. This includes going to different bars, enjoying the beach life, and also being able to tap into the nightlife that transcends the area as soon as the sun sets.

If that is what you are all about, you are going to adore the professionalism of the staff at Blanc Kara while also enjoying how aesthetically appealing things are here.

The Standard

The Standard is a premier location for those who want access to a boutique location in the heart of Florida.

We adore this spot because it offers access to various amenities that are built around allowing you to relax and just enjoy the weather around you. This includes being able to reach out to various trainers on-site while also being able to make the most of different elements including jacuzzis.

We feel this is a unique experience because it’s more than just about going to the beach. You get more than that as they customize the experience based on how you want to relax on-site.

Casa Morada

Casa Morada is a premier option for those who are thinking about settling into a part of Florida where there is ample greenery and natural beauty for everyone to enjoy.

Having spent time here, we believe Casa Morada is a quaint place that allows you to explore the island and also see the vast beauty it has to offer. Lots of people head into the water with their kayaks to further explore what the island is all about.

The Collector Inn

For a lot of people, The Collector Inn is one of the best adults-only Florida resorts right now.

It has everything you are going to want when it comes to a quaint setting, great access to beaches, and just being able to settle into a part of Florida where everything is tailored to your needs. We find this to be appealing to couples and those who are just looking to have a bit of alone time.

The staff is world-class here and always on top of things.

We also adore the overall charm of the location because it is intimate and that alone makes it worthwhile.

AxelBeach Miami

AxelBeach Miami is a luxury hotel that has been designed with everyone in mind. This includes being able to spend time in the book, head out to the local beaches, and/or enjoy the various in-room amenities that you covet while on a trip.

For us, the overall setup is great because it’s quiet and welcoming.

We find this to be important and it is often cited as one of the better options for those who are looking for an inclusive setting where everyone is welcoming.

National Hotel

National Hotel is a resort that is exceptional when it comes to the beach access you’re going to get.

It is set right along the beach, which means you are going to get impressive views every time you wake up and the beach is going to be a breath of fresh air wherever you step out. We also commend the staff for their hospitality and how professional they are every step of the way.

This includes the yoga classes and of course, the food that you are going to have access to.

The SouthernMost Inn

The SouthernMost Inn is the last resort on the list and just as good as the others.

We adore this spot for those who just want a cozy place to stay while in Florida. It’s quiet, serene, and has that intricate authenticity that you are going to want when you are in town. A lot of places don’t offer this as well as this particular location in Florida.

For Florida resorts that are adult-friendly, we have to also consider this option. It is a great option that is great for those who love spacious settings that are going to be close to the local bars.

Final Thoughts

These are the top adults-only resorts in Florida.

There is something for everyone in this list and that’s what you should be aiming for when it’s time to stay in Florida.

We also recommend checking out the best markets in Florida, moving to Florida, and learning about the drinking age in Florida.