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Hiking Mount Hallasan In South Korea (Complete Guide)

Hiking Mount Hallasan In South Korea (Complete Guide)

South Korea is home to a bustling, vibrant culture and is commonly associated with being home to one of the more expensive cities in the world.

However, it’s also known for its picturesque natural beauty in the form of Mount Hallasan.

You can enjoy the charm and elegance of this beautiful location by ascending using one of its nearby trails. It’s an experience that’s out of this world and something you are going to want to experience whether you choose a simpler or more complicated route.

This guide on hiking at Mount Hallasan is going to showcase what you have to consider when you’re in the area.

Trails At Mount Hallasan

Let’s begin with the trails at Mount Hallasan.

The Mount Hallasan trails are going to differ based on difficulty and starting points.

It’s best to choose one whether you are going to be heading to Gwaneumsa or Seongpanak.

Most people are going to head to Seongpanak because it’s simpler and ideal for different hiking levels. For those who want to make it as hard as possible, you are going to take the Gwaneumsa trailhead.

We often recommend going with the Seongpanak trail in Mount Hallasan (11.5 miles) because it’s going to be less steep and easier to get to where you want to go. This is important for those who are hiking for the first time or might not want to make things as challenging as possible.

Plus, the view on this trail is exceptional when the weather is clear.

What are you going to see on the trail?

You will notice stairs, rocks, and boardwalks throughout the area. However, it’s not going to be too steep, which makes it easier to manage.

Please note, you will also want to book your spot.

These spots tend to get booked up on the weekends. So, you will want to get the spots in hand as soon as possible, if you are particular about which trail you take.

Time To Hike Mount Hallasan

It will take around 7-8 hours to hike Mount Hallasan in South Korea.

This is going to depend on your speed and each person is different. However, on average it is going to take around 7-8 hours based on what we have seen at these trails.

When the conditions are wet, this can take a bit longer.

You will also want to be prepared for the scheduling of these trails. You can’t stay on the route for too long as there is going to be a “cutoff” time that is noted down.

This is when you are going to have to be at the trailhead. Otherwise, they are not going to let you go through and you will have to be done hiking before the sun goes down. This is the rule.

It’s best to get a read of the schedule as soon as possible.

Accommodations In Mount Hallasan

Now, that you are on Jeju Island, where are you going to stay?

This is going to depend on your budget and how you want to enjoy your stay on the island.

We find it best to stick to places that are closer to Mount Hallasan. This will save you time getting to the hiking trails, which is why most will head to Seogwipo.

We would also recommend taking the time to book transportation to Mount Hallasan at the same time. This can be done in the form of a rental car or a bus service.

This will depend on you.

Some are also willing to go ahead with the local taxi company and that is fine too.

How To Prepare For Hiking In Mount Hallasan

You will want to be prepared for hiking at Mount Hallasan.

For the most part, the weather is going to change regularly. This is normal when you are in mountainous areas across the world and Mount Hallasan is no different.

This means you will want to be prepared for rain, wind, and sunshine.

We would recommend having warm clothing in your backpack even if it’s hot at the time you are leaving. Things can change later in the day.

You will also want to have a water bottle in hand.

This will become important because the hike at Mount Hallasan is a long one.

Seongpanak Trail

The first thing you are going to want to do is head to the parking spot.

This is going to be right near the trailhead at Seongpanak.

It’s normal for there to be people near the trailhead as most are going to be heading there at the same time based on their reservation. Once again, you should get your reservation booked as soon as possible to make sure you get a spot.

For this hike, you are going to have a relatively easy hike. It’s going to be forested and you are going to be heading along a few rocky areas while also being able to use the stairs on the way.

You will be ascending the entire time and it’s not going to be difficult.

There will be a shelter that is going to appear after an hour or so of hiking. You will want to rest here for a bit and then continue forward.

The next part of the trail is going to have stairs and boardwalks. This is going to be steep but it’s still manageable for the average person. You will get to see loads of greenery along the way while you head up.

At this point, you are going to get to the Jindallaebat Shelter.

This is designed for those who are going to want a bit of rest.

You will be relatively high now, which means you are going to want to stop and take a few pictures too. The view is going to be breathtaking.

The last step is going to be when you get to the Hallasan Summit.

This is one of the best parts of the experience even as it gets harder.

This is going to be fascinating because the hiking is going to allow you to get to the top and then see the stretch of land all around Mount Hallasan. It’s one of those experiences where you are going to be in awe of what is in front of you.

Final Thoughts

This is the beauty of hiking at Mount Hallasan in South Korea.

It’s a breathtaking experience that’s going to elevate your time in South Korea. We recommend taking the time to visit this part of the nation and explore its natural beauty.

You are never going to forget the charm of Mount Hallasan.