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11+ Essential Japan Trip Tips (Tourist Guide)

11+ Essential Japan Trip Tips (Tourist Guide)

Once you’ve booked a hotel in Japan and learned a few Japanese words, it’s time to begin working on tips for a Japan trip.

Japan is one of the loveliest places we have been to over the years.

It’s clean, charming, and has a natural beauty to it that’s hard to describe in words. We know this is one of those trips a lot of tourists want to get right and that’s why we are going to share some of our Japan trip tips to make your life a bit easier.

These tips for going to Japan are going to ensure you have a great time in this beautiful nation.

Best Japan Trip Tips For Tourists

Buy From Conbinis (Convenience Stores)

Convenience stores are an integral part of what makes Japan an outstanding place.

This is one of those stores that are going to offer a quick solution when needing coffee, chips, or any other type of snack on the go. We have often taken advantage of this because it makes a real difference when you are unsure about the local prices.

These are known as “Conbinis” and they are wonderful.

It is also a great option for those who want to use an ATM or grab some of the necessities that you are going to need on a trip to Japan.

Go To A Matsuri (Festival)

When you are trying to immerse yourself in a culture, why not go to a Japanese festival?

This is one of the most entertaining and fascinating experiences we have managed to partake in. You are going to be in awe of how wonderful a Matsuri is.

This is what they call a local festival in Japan.

The reason we loved it had to do with the energy of the event, the great food, and just the feeling of being in the middle of something unique.

Visit A Ryokan

Going to a ryokan in Japan is one of the most tranquil experiences you are going to get to enjoy in this beautiful nation.

We took the time to go to one in Hakone and it was fascinating.

The general idea behind a ryokan is that you will be going to a specialized inn that’s specifically designed with Japanese elements in mind. This is unique to Japan and it’s quite fascinating compared to the average hotel in Japan.

In this case, you are going to be in a peaceful part of Japan and it’s going to be designed to soothe both the mind and body. This is going to include robes, onsen baths, and various meals specialized for this type of relaxing setting.

Know The Seasons

If you are going to Japan, you are going to want to think about the weather.

However, this has more to do with what you are going to get to experience during that specific season. For example, a person going in the spring will be heading for the cherry blossoms, which is a major part of Japan’s natural appeal.

However, others will want to go in the winter for the winter sports, while some go in the summer for the open-air events that happen throughout the nation.

Avoid High-Density Areas

High-density areas are difficult to handle for the average tourist and we have been caught in them too when in Japan.

It’s not pleasing.

For example, if you go to a major city such as Tokyo, you are going to have the attractions that most tourists go to. Those tourist spots are always busy during the weekends and not when you want to be going there.

If you are going to go to those gorgeous areas, it’s best to go during the week.

Remove Your Shoes Indoors

In some countries, it’s okay to walk into a home or small-town restaurant without taking off your shoes.

However, this is not going to be an option when you are in Japan.

There is a serious respect for cleanliness and this resonates throughout the nation. You are never going to walk into someone’s home with your shoes on as it will be looked down upon immediately.

You have to take off your shoes in a lot of places.

Follow this rule and also be prepared for it. We would often wear laceless shoes because it was easy to take them off.

Learn How To Use Chopsticks

Do you know how to eat with chopsticks?

This is one thing a lot of people don’t know how to do and that’s unfortunate. We highly recommend learning how to use chopsticks because it’s going to make a noticeable difference in how you immerse yourself in the Japanese culture.

It is not difficult to learn and you are going to have a wonderful time.

Get A Japan Rail Pass

The Japan rail pass is one of the best things we managed to pick up as soon as we arrived in Japan.

This is going to give you access to the transit system in the country.

The idea is you are going to be paying for a set pass that is going to last for a specific number of days (1-3 weeks).

You are going to have unlimited access during that time.

It’s great as the transit system is the real deal in Japan and quite fast. It is also well-linked.

Try Drinking Sake

Sake is an alcohol that’s specific to Japan.

It’s quite popular among the masses and you should be able to get it at a local bar if you find one. We highly recommend trying this for those who do love a drink or two on a trip.

You are going to find it to be appealing and if you go to a well-reviewed joint, you are going to get some of the best sake in Japan.

Go To A Sumo Tournament

Japan is renowned for its sumo wrestling.

You are going to be well aware of this if you have been keeping up with Japanese culture. These large individuals wrestle and look to push each other out of the ring.

It’s a fascinating experience to view it in person.

You are going to be in awe of the event and the size of these individuals. It’s an event that is going to be quite wonderful because it’s dripping with ancient history too. You will feel like you have walked into another world as soon as you are enjoying one of these matches.

Visit A Buddhist Temple

Religion is important in Japan, so you are also going to want to check out one of the beautiful Buddhist temples in the region.

Focus on this when it comes to maximizing your time at a retreat.

You are going to have a wonderful time and it’s going to allow you to see the beauty of one of these temples in Japan.

Final Thoughts

These are the best tips for a Japanese trip as a tourist.

Japan is a fascinating place and these tips for visiting Japan as a tourist will make a difference. You are going to love what the nation has to offer and this advice is going to elevate your time in the country.

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