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Day Trip To Mount Takao – Tokyo’s Best Day Trip (Local Guide)

Day Trip To Mount Takao – Tokyo’s Best Day Trip (Local Guide)

When you have a hotel in Japan, it’s now time to begin exploring the nation.

Mount Takao is a common tourist spot for those in Tokyo.

This is one attraction Japan is known for.

Tokyo is renowned for being a major tourist city and we love it. There aren’t too many spots on the planet that are as well-maintained and beautiful as Tokyo, especially when you are outside during the night. The lights are exceptional.

However, you are also going to want to explore the natural beauty of the region whenever you get the chance to do so.

This is going to include going to the beautiful Mount Takao.

We will shed light on what a day trip to Mount Takao is all about.

About Mount Takao

Mount Takao is a massive mountain situated close to Tokyo and it is 599 meters tall.

It’s appreciated for its sheer size and beauty among the locals. Tourists will often visit Mount Takao in Japan when looking to hike on a beautiful trail.

The trail itself is easy to manage and most people like coming to the area because of how gorgeous everything is.

The mountain is commonly associated with Buddhism because of its temple. This elevates the natural history of the mountain and how important it is not only for Japan but the world. Centuries of history have unfolded here and in the surrounding areas.

You can pick and choose which hiking trail is best for you. Some will focus on the easier ones while advanced hikers prefer to go for the more challenging hikes.

Trails At Mount Takao

You will have a few options to choose from when it is time to hike at Mount Takao.

We are going to explore all of them for you to showcase what the experience is like and what to look out for as a visitor.

Trail 1 – The Omotesando Trail

This trail is ideal for those who want to enjoy a long trail, but are willing to be challenged a bit. It is not too difficult, but it is going to require more physical exertion because of its length.

You are going to be walking almost four kilometers to get from one end to the other. However, you are also going to get to see the historic Buddhist temple along the way, which is appealing to those who have this on their list of things to see.

Trail 2 – Kasumidai Loop

This is a common hiking trail for families.

The reason we like this loop trail is because it’s not too long. You are only going to walk for less than a kilometer to get to the same spot and it’s going to be a breeze to manage with a family.

The sights along the way are also breezy and beautiful without being too complex.

Trail 3 – Katsura Woods Trail

This trail is a moderate hiking trail at Mount Takao. This means it is a bit more challenging than Trail 2, but it is still a boatload of fun.

You are going to be walking for more than two kilometers on this trail but you will also get to experience breathtaking vantage points along the way. This is why we found it to be appealing compared to some of the others we saw.

Trail 4 – Suspension Bridge Trail

This trail is another moderate hiking trail, which means it’s going to pose a bit of a challenge. We like this trail for those who want to get a good amount of forest experience while they are hiking and also get to see the Miyamabashi Bridge.

Trail 5 – Summit Loop Trail

This trail is a breeze. We recommend this for those who just want to hike for a bit and then relax. It is going to be less than a kilometer long and you are not going to be out of breath by the end of it. The simplicity of this trail is what makes it a good beginner-friendly option.

Trail 6 – Biwa Waterfall Trail

This trail is a long one. You are going to be hiking for more than three kilometers and it’s going to be steep. This means you are going to need to be at least an intermediate hiker to manage this type of hiking trail the right way.

The one thing we adored about this trail was how beautiful the waterfall was. It was elegant and added a nice touch to our experience on trail 6.

Our Experience Hiking At Mount Takao

We had a lovely time hiking at Mount Takao.

It’s a pristine place with ample natural beauty everywhere you go. We found each hiking trail to be unique and you are going to have to be prepared to understand how steep each hiking trail is.

Some are much harder than others.

If you are unsure, stick to the easier ones and go from there.

We started with the easier hiking trails to get a bearing on what to expect. It was lovely to be able to check out the various views and natural elements including the forest areas.

They have done a good job of prepping the trails.

This includes adding bathrooms and making sure you have access to supplies along the way such as vending machines.

What if you don’t want to go for a hike?

We saw some people taking the chairlift up to the top and that works too. It’s an easier solution for seniors or those who are not able to get to the top for the beautiful views without such assistance.

The chairlift is available on Trail 1. We were able to do this at one point for the experience and it was a lot of fun.

As for the food, we felt it was best to bring something along with us. These snacks were far more affordable rather than getting something from the vending machines on the trails.

You won’t need much depending on which hiking trail you are going on.

If you want to get food from the area, you will be able to go to the stalls that are set up along the bottom of the mountain. These are specifically designed for those who get hungry and/or want to eat before hiking.

The food is great and it is worth checking out if you are hungry.

We took the time to try it out because we wanted some of the local cuisine. It was great and we had a lovely time inside the restaurant too.

Final Thoughts

This is what a hike at Mount Takao is all about.

We recommend taking the time to hike here because the views are incredible. You are going to adore the natural beauty of the area.

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