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La Crescenta In Los Angeles – Complete Neighborhood Guide

La Crescenta In Los Angeles – Complete Neighborhood Guide

Whether it’s Baldwin Hills in Los Angeles, Pico-Robertson or Boyle Heights, each neighborhood has a unique personality.

La Crescenta-Montrose is similar as it is a beautiful neighborhood in Los Angeles.

This is a neighborhood that is renowned for its breathtaking views and it’s the first thing a resident is going to note as soon as they move into the area. There is an appeal to being able to pinpoint the two mountains settled alongside this neighborhood.

The region is also appreciated for having a low crime rate, gorgeous properties, and quality educational options for kids.

It is a region that is full of life and it’s also great for younger families.

Here is a breakdown of what La-Crescenta-Montrose in Los Angeles is all about.

Layout Of La Crescenta In Los Angeles

La Crescenta-Montrose in LA has to be noted for where it is situated in the city.

It is located between two mountains and offers access to the Crescenta Valley. Most people are going to know about the Verdugo Mountains and the San Rafael Hills when talking about this neighborhood due to the gorgeous views.

Due to its prime location, this is an area that tends to welcome people looking for a high-value property or place to live.

There is a sense of charm associated with La Crescenta-Montrose that appeals to people from all communities. Whether it is the location, the charming setting, or just the people, this is a neighborhood that is set in the right place.

Demographics Of La Crescenta

La Crescenta-Montrose is home to almost 20,000 residents and is renowned for being compact.

It has people from all communities but over 65% of the residents are White Americans with the next biggest community being Asian.

The region is also home to other races including Latinos and Native Americans.

These demographics help create a diverse place to live where people from all walks of life get along. This adds to the ambiance of La-Crescenta-Montrose and why it continues to be one of the most appreciated regions in Los Angeles right now.

The neighborhood is also home to middle-aged residents and that tends to be the overall makeup of the area. This is due to the affluence in the region, which has led to expensive properties making it harder for younger families to come into the region without wealth.

However, changes are coming to the neighborhood with newer developments and it’s essential to consider this when it comes to the overall makeup of the neighborhood.

Culture Of La Crescenta

When assessing a Los Angeles neighborhood, it’s important to break down its culture as a place to live and thrive in.

For the most part, this is a gorgeous neighborhood and it is a place that’s calmer than other parts of Los Angeles. This is appealing for those who want to move in with their family or want a place that is going to be calmer than others.

This is a big reason for what makes the neighborhood a sought-after place.

The properties are great and the income is high.

This allows people to feel safer when they are here as the crime rate is lower too. Being able to raise a family here is great as the schools offer good educational opportunities and it’s easier to reside here whether you are walking outside or looking to eat in.

Income In La Crescenta

When looking at the demographics of La Crescenta-Montrose, it’s also important to check out the median income in the area.

For the most part, the median income is around $107,000 in this neighborhood.

This helps illustrate the affluence in the region and the amount of wealth that has come to this neighborhood in recent years.

Final Thoughts

This is what makes La Crescenta-Montrose a special place in Los Angeles and a neighborhood people want to move to.

It’s safe, welcoming, and offers gorgeous properties that are going to make you look twice. It helps elevate the good parts of Los Angeles including the breathtaking views of the mountain while also offering peace.

Those wanting to go to an affluent neighborhood in Los Angeles will want to check this one out.

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