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23+ Pros And Cons Of Living In The Philippines (Expat Advice)

23+ Pros And Cons Of Living In The Philippines (Expat Advice)

When you are looking at moving as a digital nomad, it’s common to have the Philippines on your list of places to visit.

Whether you are moving abroad with a pet or family, it’s essential to have a plan. The same goes for those who are coming to this beautiful part of the world.

Living abroad is going to change you and it’s best to be prepared.

For those who are looking to move to the Philippines, it’s best to start with this guide. It will make it easier to understand what moving to the Philippines looks like as an expat.

Pros Of Living In The Philippines

Low Cost Of Living

You will want to start with the lower cost of living.

A lower cost of living is essential for those who are going to be preparing their budget. Expats living in the Philippines often mention how affordable everything is.

It’s a major benefit and one of the first things you are going to notice.

Most people are more than capable of living a great life on around $1000 per month. You are going to be doing well for yourself at that rate.

Beautiful Scenery

One of the first things you are going to notice in the Philippines is going to be the scenery.

There is ample natural beauty all around you.

Whether you are looking to go to the beaches or just checking out the local parks, there is so much greenery and that is going to appeal to those who want to enjoy a more serene place.

English Is Common

When you are moving to a new place, you are going to wonder about the language.

This won’t be an issue here.

English is a common language that is taught in schools and it’s going to be normal for the locals to speak it. You should have no trouble getting around with nothing more than English, but it is always nice to pick up the local lingo too.

Good Weather

The weather tends to be good here.

Yes, there are going to be concerns when it comes to potential natural disasters from time to time. However, for the most part, you are going to be dealing with nothing more than a bright sunny day when you are here.

It gets hot but it is going to be sunny.

This is appealing to those who just want to be in a warm place.

Reasonable Healthcare

Most people will fret about healthcare when they are moving to a place such as this.

Expats in the Philippines state the healthcare system is good. This is due to the overall affordability of the system, which allows you to stay well-treated throughout your time here.

As long as you find a good medical professional, you are going to be good to go.

Friendly People

The people here are quite friendly.

This is one of the first details you are going to appreciate. The people are more than happy to converse with you and just have a good time.

The locals are fun-loving people and that’s what makes them great to live with.

Affordable Labor

If you are thinking about getting work done in the region then you will have one eye on the affordability of who you are hiring.

This is essential as you are going to want to save a bit of money.

For the most part, the affordability of the labor is going to win you over. It is going to be cheap to get things done.

Numerous Attractions

If you are someone who loves going for a hike or just visiting the beach then you are going to appreciate the attractions in the Philippines.

This is one of the joys of living in the Philippines.

You are going to have so many things to do.

The attractions are spread throughout the nation, which makes it easier to enjoy what you love to do.

Great Food

The food here is world-class.

The local cuisine is a lot of fun for those who are foodies. You are going to have an assortment of restaurants to choose from and that’s going to appeal to your taste buds.

Pick and choose what you like to eat while still having access to Western restaurants.

Easy To Travel

Let’s assume you are thinking about traveling to America.

It is going to be easy to do so from here.

The rates are affordable and the flights will tend to go throughout the week. This is great for those who are going to be transitioning from one place to the other.

Easy To Find Housing

If you are looking for a place to live in the Philippines, this is not going to be much of an issue.

You are going to find housing easily.

There are a wide array of cheap housing options throughout the Philippines. It doesn’t matter where you are looking to live as long as you have the funds.

We do recommend staying in Manila when you are first coming here. It is a lot easier to adjust as an expat.

Free Education

If you have kids, you are going to be looking at the education system.

While we don’t recommend the quality of education compared to other parts of the world, you are going to have access to free education.

This is useful for those who just want their kids to go to school. You can also look at private schools that are highly rated here.

Cons Of Living In The Philippines

Poor Road Conditions

The road conditions are not good in the Philippines.

This is bothersome to those who are going to be getting behind the wheel. It is not just the quality of the drivers, but also the roads themselves.

They are broken down and that is not appealing to drive on for long periods.


There are some clean areas in the Philippines, so it’s not ideal to brush the entire nation with a broad stroke.

However, a majority of the areas are unclean.

There is debris everywhere and that is not appealing to deal with.

Too Much Pollution

The pollution tends to be suffocating in some parts of the nation.

You are going to have to get used to it as you live here.

The locals are used to it, but for someone who is coming from a less polluted part of the world, it is going to be a shock to the system. Get ready for it depending on where you are in the nation.

Costly Utilities

Let’s assume you are looking to save a bit of money on your bills.

It is not going to be possible when it comes to your electricity. This is one of the highest bills that you are going to get and it will cost a pretty penny.

This is one hit you are going to take.

Too Many People

You are going to notice how there are a lot of people in each neighborhood.

The housing has been developed in a way where everything is built close together. This leads to the population density being high.

If you want to stay away from this, you are going to have to be selective with where you are living in the Philippines.

Elongated Visa Process

Getting a visa to come to the Philippines is going to be a real hassle. It’s not going to be done quickly.

You will have to apply and then also go through the hassles of becoming a resident. This is essential to consider when it comes to your timeline.

High Crime Rate

Moving to the Philippines as an expat is not just about settling in and hoping you are going to be safe. You are going to have to be choosy when it comes to where you are residing.

This includes the neighborhood that you settle for.

Some parts are known for having a higher crime rate and that’s not good for those who want to live safely.

Bad Internet

The WIFI connection is not going to be strong in some parts.

We recommend taking the time to check out how the Internet service is in the area you live in. This is why we always believe it’s best to start with Manila.

This is where the Internet is going to be a lot stronger than in other parts of the country.


This is one thing you are not going to think about as much as you should.

Terrorism is a concern.

This is due to the higher crime rate, which leads to scenarios where terrorist activities take place. This is not a major threat in some regions, but you are going to have to be aware.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are a common threat when it comes to life on an island.

You are going to have to be prepared for this.

The one good thing is the island is prepared for it as a whole. The region is used to dealing with natural disasters, which means it is easy to get used to it as a local.

Bad Drivers

Just like we mentioned the road conditions previously, it’s also important to talk about the general driving standards in the Philippines.

They are not good.

The drivers are rash when it comes to their driving skills and that is a real concern for those who want to stay safe on the roads.

Low-Quality Education

The education is free here, but you are also going to be dealing with lower-quality education.

This is common with the public system.

As a result, we recommend looking into private schooling to see what is going to work for your kids. It will lead to a higher standard of education instantly.

Final Thoughts

These are the details to consider when living in the Philippines.

It’s going to be a fascinating experience and it’s common for expats moving to the Philippines to consider everything before the move.

For expats living in the Philippines, it’s a breathtaking place that’s affordable. We do believe this is one of the most affordable places to live while English still being a common language in the area.

Whether you wish to get married in the Philippines or looking to live there, you will want to start by applying for a visa to the Philippines.

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