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11+ Best Markets In Japan (Local Approved)

11+ Best Markets In Japan (Local Approved)

We have looked at what Japan is known for along with the must-know Japanese phrases for tourists.

It’s now time to look at the top markets in Japan.

These Japanese markets are a must for tourists who want to experience the local culture and also find good food prices while they are there. These markets tend to be full of life and you are going to get a more authentic Japanese experience whenever you are here.

Whether you are in Kyoto or Osaka, you are always going to find these Japanese markets.

Let’s take a look at the best Japanese markets and why they are so good.

Top Markets In Japan

Shinsaibashi Market

The charm of Osaka is often found in its markets.

This is one of those fascinating markets in Japan that are going to draw you in. We were in awe of how beautiful the Shinsaibashi Market is because it’s vibrant and you are going to be walking along a selection of shops when you are here.

This is a revered shopping street with so much to offer.

Plus, there are a few food options here that are a lot of fun to visit.

Nijo Market

The Nijo Market is great for those who are hoping to enjoy their time in Hokkaido.

We love this market because it’s historic. You are going to be visiting a market that has been around for a long time and is a part of the local ethos. You are going to adore its ambiance and there is so much to do whenever you are here.

Just being able to walk inside the market and look at the various vendors is going to blow you away. We also found good food options here, which only elevated our time at the market.

Nishiki Market

The Nishiki Market is a top-tier food market in Japan.

This is a market in Kyoto that is vibrant, charming, and offers that local vibe you are after. We adored our time here because you could see how lively the locals were and how life is in this part of Kyoto.

You are going to get to see various eateries here that offer good food. We recommend stopping at these stalls and trying a few of the food items on display. You are going to love everything that’s on offer along with the shops that are set up in the market.

Shimo-Kitazawa Market

This is one market where you are going to get to enjoy the atmosphere of the shopping market.

This is a market situated in Tokyo, where you are going to learn more about the history of the city and its architecture. Everything about this Tokyo market is designed to allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture.

This includes the restaurants, stalls, and everything in between.

We also took the time to go to one of the bars in the area and it was a lot of fun. You get to mix it up with the locals and also gain access to good alcohol along the way!

Setagaya Flea Market

Looking for a good flea market in Japan?

It’s time to check out the revered Setagaya Flea Market. This is a top-tier local flea market in Japan that is going to impress you.

It is a lot of fun to go to Setagaya Park when you are in the area as it is going to be hosted monthly. Depending on when you are in the area, you are going to want to check out this market. It offers access to so many vendors and it will make it a lot of fun to find good deals.

Nokomise Dori

The Nokomise Dori is a common spot for religious people who are in the area. It’s common for visitors to head to the local temple and then head to the market.

We would recommend checking out both if you are in the area as a tourist.

It’s fun to be able to check out the local goods that are set up at this market. You can find numerous local items here and they are not going to be overpriced.

Ameya Yokocho

The Ameya Yokocho is a great option in Tokyo.

This flea market is a charming place because it’s full of life. You are going to see so many people walking around during the day, which adds to its appeal.

We took the time to check out the various foods that were available here and it made our time in the region a lot of fun. This included being able to try out the various produce options that were readily available for us to make the most of.

If you are looking for produce, you are going to want to come here. It is fresh produce and you should be able to get good deals on souvenirs too.

Heiwa Dori Shopping Market

Are you going to be spending time in Okinawa?

Well, it’s time to check out the amazing Heiwa Dori Shopping Market. We adore this market because it’s great for those elements that you are not always going to find elsewhere.

For example, you are going to want to check out the clothing that is present here. It’s going to impress you instantly.

These are hidden gems that are not easy to find in other parts of Japan and you are going to find them all here.

Oedo Antique Market

Antiques are always hard to find in Japan.

This is one market where you are going to find top-tier antiques such as paintings and kimonos. The elements that you are going to find here will be great if you are looking to stockpile a few Japanese items and bring them back with you.

Why not do this?

You are going to get a good deal on them at the Oedo Antique Market and the experience is going to be great too.

Omoide Yokocho

This is one of those hotspots for foodies to enjoy.

We heard about the restaurants in the area and how remarkable they were. Those reviews were right because this is one of those markets where the food is outstanding.

You can also look at the shops nearby before coming for a meal.

This is what makes it a lot of fun.

Tsukiji Fish Market

Anyone serious about finding classic Japanese seafood is going to want to come to the Tsukiji Fish Market.

This is the real deal as a market.

This is the type of seafood you are not going to find in other parts of Japan. This includes some of the best sashimi in the nation.

It is readily available here and you are going to love being here.

Final Thoughts

These are the best markets in Japan.

Anyone who cares about experiencing Japan the right way is going to want to head to one of these markets right away.

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