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Is Prospect Park South Safe? (Local Guide)

Is Prospect Park South Safe? (Local Guide)

When moving to New York with no money or visiting the area for the first time, it’s common to want to look into the safety of specific regions.

There are many reasons to come to New York, which is why it’s important to be prepared too.

It’s a vibrant place and there are many great restaurants in New York, but it’s also important to consider how safe you are in a place. In this case, we are going to take a look at a specific region in Brooklyn known as Prospect Park South.

Is it safe in Prospect Park South?

Let’s take a look.

Safety In Prospect Park South

Prospect Park South is relatively safe to visit and stay in.

Yes, Brooklyn has a higher crime rate than other parts of the state, but Prospect Park South is decent when compared to other parts of the city.

This is one area that’s diverse and families are residing in the area. This makes it far more comfortable for families to live in.

It’s also important to note that when you compare this area to the others in Brooklyn, you are going to realize this is still a growing community. This means you are welcoming new people to the area and it is still vibrant.

This is great because it shows development and encourages growth.

These areas tend to be safer than others.

We liked this element about Prospect Park South because it is full of life. You are going to love being here and it is going to be relatively safe too.

This makes a difference because crime is everywhere but this is an area where you are going to feel secure.

How To Stay Safe In Prospect Park South

Don’t Go Out In The Night

The first tip we are going to have to mention is to not go out at night.

Yes, it is safe in Prospect Park South, but you are also going to want to be aware of your surroundings. Too many times, we see tourists not paying attention to what is happening around them and that is when things go awry.

This includes people going out at night and not realizing how difficult it can be to reside here if you are going into those areas.

You are going to be exposing yourself to risk when you are doing this.

We would also not go out alone at night.

This is because crime is a part of life in Brooklyn and it can slip over to other areas including the “safe” ones such as Prospect Park South. This tends to happen more at night, so it is best not to go out when you are a tourist in the area.

If you are going out, it is best to go to the main areas in NYC.

Stay In The Populous Areas

Where are you heading when you are in Prospect Park South?

We would enjoy the local eateries and elements during the day. This is going to tie in with the previous tip because it’s best to stay safe.

When you are going out at night, we would stay in the popular areas. This is going to make it a lot easier to settle in and see other tourists walking around too. This is great because those areas tend to be more protected and you are always going to have someone nearby.

This makes a difference when you want to stay safe.

Hide Your Valuables

It’s not ideal to be in a situation where you are unable to stay safe or your valuables are fully exposed. This tends to happen a lot more than you would want and it creates serious issues for those who are attempting to stay safe.

We would recommend being patient and making sure you are hiding your valuables in a hotel room as a tourist.

This is going to make it a lot easier to go out without looking behind you the entire time.

We do the same whenever we go to areas that are known for such issues. You are going to see much better results by doing this and that is what matters most.

Final Thoughts

Yes, Prospect Park South is a safe place to visit and live in.

It’s a gorgeous region that has a loving community and you are going to get to enjoy your time in the area as soon as you are here.

We know it is challenging as a tourist to see what is safe and what is not. This is one spot where you are going to like your time in the region and it’s going to be a lot of fun too.

Also take the time to read about the safety of downtown Brooklyn, going to Brooklyn Bridge Park, and the main tourist places in NYC.