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How To Move To New York With No Money (Local Guide)

How To Move To New York With No Money (Local Guide)

We have explored various parts of the state including going to the Empire State Building, spending time at Central Park, and even checking out the beaches on Staten Island.

It’s a riveting place.

However, what if you are thinking about moving to New York soon?

Moving to New York requires a good understanding of your financial situation and ensuring you recognize how expensive the region can be. There is a reason a lot of people state New York City is an expensive area.

There is a lot of money to be made here, but it is also going to be costly to live here.

We have spent time in New York, so can shed light on what to expect financially.

If you are coming to New York with no money, you are going to have to recognize what you are getting yourself into.

Let’s take a look at what’s required if you want to know how to move to New York with little money.

Planning A Move To New York With No Money


We have to start with a place to stay.

Sadly, this is when you are going to begin to realize how challenging the process is going to be. This is unlike other parts of the US where you should be able to find an affordable apartment. In NYC, you are not going to find an affordable apartment easily if ever.

The rent prices are through the roof here.

The closer you are to downtown, the more expensive it gets to the point the average person can’t afford it.

You are going to want to compare rentals to see what is out there. Sometimes, you won’t have too many options unless you are willing to overpay, which is a serious concern if you are already coming in with no money.

We would recommend finding a shared accommodation.

This means a rooming house where you get a small room to yourself. This is going to be far more cost-effective compared to other options.

Secure A Job

We will be honest with you.

You will not be living in New York without a constant source of income. Unless you are coming in with a large sum of money in the bank account, you are not going to get away with little money here.

The rent is going to add up and so will your expenses. Everything about the region is costly.

This is why you need to secure a good job.

We have seen rent go up to $4,500 here. This is a massive amount and you are not going to be getting a huge space either!

This is a major concern for those who are looking to move here.

Otherwise, you are going to have to go to one of the surrounding boroughs where you should be able to get a relatively affordable spot that is going to come in around $1,600 per month.


You will need to find a way to get around the region.

How are you going to do this?

Most people are going to use the subway/buses, but others are going to want a car. This is going to be pricey and you are going to have to be aware of these costs beforehand.

It is also quite expensive to add fuel to a vehicle constantly and the roads are busy in this part of the US. Be aware of this and make sure you are budgeting for this type of expense whether you are going to be using the subway or driving a car in New York.

Let’s assume you are taking the subway.

You are going to be paying $33 for the MetroCard and this will let you ride as many times as you want throughout the week. You can also pay more to get a monthly MetroCard.

This is feasible for those on a tight budget.


This is going to depend on how much you are willing to spend.

Preparing food at home is great but you are also going to have street food options nearby depending on where you live.

You can look at different restaurants in NYC because there are so many of them. You can easily find deals but it is not going to be healthy. This is a major concern for those on a diet or those who do want to take care of themselves.

We would not be eating out in NYC on a budget. It’s not easy to do so. This is why fast food reigns supreme here including the pizza places.

Final Thoughts

This is what you need to know as you figure out how to move to New York with no money.

It is not going to be easy to come here and we would not recommend it. Yes, it is a beautiful part of the US, but it is also costly.

The price of admission is high to live here!

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