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11+ Native Animals From France (Explained)

11+ Native Animals From France (Explained)

France is often associated with its tourism, natural beauty, and charming culture.

However, the region is also home to various native French animals that are famous around the world. It’s essential to dig deeper into these animals and what makes them unique.

We are animal enthusiasts and have taken the time to ask around and learn more about these native animals from France.

Here are the main French native animals and what is special about them.

Top Native Animals In France

European Mole

European moles are fascinating animals.

They are diminutive in size but are unique in how they focus on their prey. This includes taking the time to find them and then using their saliva to make sure the prey stops on the spot.

The animal is small and tends to have a brown coat.

Most people will not see them as they prefer to stay underground and then come out to hunt for food. This includes going for animals such as mice and worms.

Musaraigne Pygmee

This is known as a pygmy shrew around the world and is a small mole.

The average musaraigne pygmee will be able to fit in the palm of your hand. They are not easy to spot and most people are not going to notice them when they are out and about. However, this is a shrewd animal that can get out of tough situations easily.

It’s common for it to eat worms and it will look for them after coming out of hiding.

European Brown Hare

The noticeable black-tipped tail is what a person is going to notice when it comes to the gorgeous European brown hare.

This is commonly found in all parts of France and tends to be a quick hare species that can get around without hindrance.

They will often spend time around trees and will prefer to eat things such as herbs and bark. Most hares come out when the light is dim outside.

North Wolves

The glorious coat of a north wolve is hard to ignore and it is a rare sight these days.

They are located in the French Alps and offer a unique type of wolf species that is only found in this part of France.

They are pack animals and they are rare due to not being found in other regions. This means there are only a few hundred north wolves in France, which makes them a unique native animal in France.


The black stripe along their face is the first detail you will notice about the chamois.

This is a type of goat that is native to France and tends to have a small hump on its back. It’s common to find these goats in the forests around the mountains of France.

They will roam around during the day looking for food including bark.

The chamois tend to stay safe by remaining near the mountains and moving around them with relative ease.

European Mink

This type of mink is a unique one that’s found in various parts of France.

It tends to prefer eating insects and fish while being around water sources. European minks are unique because they are rare to find and tend to do well in the water.

This makes them great hunters and they do prefer to eat meat.

Loir Gris

With its white belly and gray tail, it’s easy to spot the lois gris.

This is a type of dormice and is a fascinating sight as it will often be found around most parts of France. It prefers to remain hidden and will only come out when looking for food sources including fruits.

Alpine Marmot

Situated in the French Pyrenees, it’s common to spot the alpine marmot.

This is a type of squirrel that is native to France and tends to prefer staying up in the mountains. This keeps them safe from predators as they can navigate on top of mountains without much of a fuss.

The alpine marmot is also quick and can catch prey without too much trouble.

Greater Flamingo

During the summer, it’s easy to spot a greater flamingo along the warmer parts of France.

This is normally in Camargue.

The greater flamingo has a noticeable aesthetic with the reddish tinge that is seen on its bottom. It’s normal for thousands of them to show up in Camargue and munch on the aquatic wildlife in the region.

Lynx Boreal

Situated in the Jura Mountains, the lynx boreal is a rare sight.

It is spread throughout the region but it’s uncommon to spot them. They have noticeably long paws and tufted ears that allow them to be identified as the lynx boreal.

They prefer to walk within the mountain areas and the nearby boreal forests.

Corsican Brook Salamander

For those who are in Corsica, it’s easy to go and spot the Corsican brook salamander.

They will often be found in a water source whether it’s a spring or a stream. These are spread around Corsica, which is where this type of salamander is going to be housed.

Final Thoughts

These are the main native animals from France.

Each one is unique and some of them are rare to find. It’s essential to go to those regions to find them and learn more about what these French animals are all about.

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