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Exploring Noguchi Gardens In Costa Mesa (Local Guide)

Exploring Noguchi Gardens In Costa Mesa (Local Guide)

When we look at hidden gems in California, it’s important to discuss the charming Noguchi Gardens in Costa Mesa.

This is one of the most peaceful parts of the region and a must-see for tourists.

We had heard about this magical place from the locals and wanted to see what it was all about. A lot of people know California has numerous pop culture places throughout the region but this is one of those gorgeous attractions that stand out.

We have talked about the Garden of Eden in California and the Bohemian Grove in California, but this is one of those hidden gems you will want to take a look at.

There is considerable history attached to this attraction and it’s one visitors rave about as soon as they walk around.

We took the time to explore the Noguchi Gardens and can now share what we learned.

What Are The Noguchi Gardens In California?

When you are exploring the surrounding region, you are constantly going to be reminded of the natural rush of being in this state. There are people everywhere and they are doing their own thing. We have become used to this in the charming state of California.

However, there are a few places like the Noguchi Gardens that are more settled and calm.

It’s a large area that has been designed with a tremendous amount of care. It all started with the help of Henry Segerstrom, who took the time to fund the area and make sure it stood out for all the right reasons.

When you get to the site, you are going to notice the beautiful sculptures of the Noguchi Gardens. These sculptures have been meticulously crafted to create an underlying theme to showcase the charm of lima beans.

Yes, lima beans are integral to the history of Segerstrom and that’s why it has stood out to showcase everything has gone through with his journey.

To do this the right way, the artist Isamu Noguchi was asked to create the sculptures for Segerstrom. This is why the overall site is called the Noguchi Gardens.

All of these sculptures are spread across the area.

They are not in one spot, but each sculpture is important in elevating the theme Noguchi was going for. So, why did Noguchi decide to create these sculptures? It was to showcase each part of California to generate a unifying theme.

The beauty of these sculptures cannot be stressed enough.

They are gorgeous and the attention to detail is immaculate. You are going to adore walking around and taking pictures of these sculptures. You can tell how much work was done to ensure the sculptures looked the part and had the elegance that was required from Segerstrom.

Things To Do At Nogochi Gardens

Explore The Grounds

Going to the Noguchi Gardens will come down to exploring the grounds. Since they are spread across acres of land, you are going to have to take the time to understand where they are located and how to get to them.

As soon as you are on the land, you should be able to see the sculptures.

It’s essential to inspect them and just appreciate the level of depth behind all of these pieces. They are remarkably beautiful.

You are going to want to take in the scenic setting because it’s outstanding. You are going to fall in love with how charming the space is.

Take Photos With The Sculptures

We believe it’s nice to take a few photos for your collection when you are here.

After all, these sculptures were made as a tribute to the lima bean farming that was done in California. A lot of hard work was done by Segerstrom and that is how these sculptures came to life.

As a result, you will want to also appreciate the work done by Noguchi to formalize and create these sculptures.

The photos you are going to take will blow you away.

Learn The History Of The Sculptures

These sculptures paint a beautiful picture of California and we believe it’s great to learn about them. Hop onto Google when you are walking by the sculptures and take the time to learn more about them while paying attention to how they were designed.

You will have a newfound appreciation for Noguchi and how he designed these sculptures.

Final Thoughts

These are the things you want to consider when exploring the Noguchi Gardens in Costa Mesa.

This is a hidden gem in California and one you are going to visit in greater detail.

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