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Exploring Bohemian Grove In California (Local Guide)

Exploring Bohemian Grove In California (Local Guide)

When exploring different parts of California, it’s important to discuss some hidden regions that have been popularized over time.

We recently visited Solvang in California and Idyllwild in California, which are both delightful regions with historic elements you are going to want to analyze in greater detail.

Along with this, it’s also important to head to the north and look at what is known as Bohemian Grove.

Yes, this is a name that has often been associated with conspiracies over the years because of the people who head out to these parts.

Bohemian Grove is seen as a place where the rich and powerful congregate when looking to have fun and perhaps make new plans for how the world is going to run. It’s a specialized area within northern California that is private and only welcomes these people to the same area in the north.

We are going to take a look at what Bohemian Grove is all about.

What Is Bohemian Grove?

Let’s begin with the basics.

Bohemian Grove is a campground in northern California that has become popular because it has a membership for those who are allowed to come in.

The membership only allows rich and powerful men.

This immediately demonstrates why it’s common for Bohemian Grove to remain a popular topic among the masses and those who want to know more about how decisions are made around the planet. Of course, it’s important to note that those who have been to the area don’t have such high claims about what occurs there.

Those who have taken the time to mention what goes on often state it is nothing more than a glamorized party where the rich and powerful have a bit of fun without being judged.

Over the years people have attempted to go inside and that has led to them getting arrested. Along with this, there have been wild theories about what takes place inside.

This particular campground has been around since the 1800s.

This means it is an exclusive club that is not brand-new and it has ample history behind it. This includes the types of people that attend the campground.

A lot of rich people will often take the time to get a membership to this club. A little bit of this has to do with curiosity and wanting to see what takes place when so many rich people get together in one place.

Another reason has to do with being in the area making it easy to hop over to the campground.

The campground itself is spread across thousands of acres of land making it a lot easier to have fun. It’s a beautiful place with greenery, beautiful wildlife, and a charm to it that indeed makes it a great spot to host rich people.

They also have a beautiful lake in the middle that elevates the aesthetic of the location. It’s common for people to stay here and just have a good time.

How To Join The Bohemian Club In California

Let’s assume you or someone else wants to join the club and get a membership.

If you are a man, this is going to be the first requirement.

At this point, you are going to have to pay the fee. There is a set fee of $25,000, which is not going to be a big deal for those who are going to come here and it’s also essential for additional fees to be paid to keep the membership going.

The reason these fees are charged is to make sure the club continues to run and the acres of land are cared for. Some of these fees also go towards the security of the land.

Based on the people that have been accepted over the years, we believe it is also important to have specific political leanings (i.e. conservative) and a significant net worth. This is going to make you an attractive candidate as the next member of the club.

Since the club already has thousands of members, it is not too restrictive when it comes to the people who are allowed to enter.

Final Thoughts

This is what Bohemian Grove in California is all about for those who want to know more about this mysterious campground and all that takes place there.

We know it’s fascinating to read about this part of California and what happens here.

For us, it is more of a place where the rich and powerful like to party and just have a good time. The rest are conspiracies that may or may not be true.

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