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Exploring Solvang Village In California (Local Guide)

Exploring Solvang Village In California (Local Guide)

We have done the trip between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles while also enjoying our time hiking in Palos Verdes, which means we are always looking for fun things to do in California.

This includes going to the magical Solvang village.

This is situated in Santa Ynez Valley and is a hidden architectural gem. The region is often celebrated for being a top-tier option for those who want California wines. While it is great for wines in California, we also wanted to take the time to see more of this beautiful village.

We wanted to see this picturesque region for ourselves because it’s commonly noted for having significant Danish influences throughout the area. This includes the buildings and landmarks that are set up.

Solvang is a remarkable place because it’s going to feel like you are in Europe as soon as you begin walking around. We could not believe our eyes because of how gorgeous everything was.

For those who are thinking about going to Solvang in California, we are going to highlight what you will want to do to explore the region properly.

Fun Things To Do In Solvang

Explore The Solvang Village

The Village of Solvang is a fascinating place and it’s going to offer numerous photo opportunities as you are looking from one area to the next.

Just holding hands and walking around is breathtaking.

It was out of a picture book and we could not believe our eyes while we were inside the village. It’s a gorgeous place and it’s common to see people walking around as they are shopping and just observing the natural beauty of the village.

Everything about this village is remarkable.

The Danish-inspired buildings, numerous boutiques, and the colors spread across the streets cannot be understated. It’s one of the most unique parts of California due to this reason and it’s common for tourists to show up to admire its beauty.

The Round Tower of Solvang

We recommend taking the time to go to the Round Tower of Solvang.

This tower has Danish inspiration and it is quite the sight. You are going to notice it as soon as you are inside the village and we found it to be a great spot to explore.

Just get close to the tower, take photos, and have a lovely time in the area.

It’s a beautiful tower and the area around it is also appealing. When the weather is good, the tower is going to sparkle in the sunlight.

Elverhoj Museum of History & Art

Are you a history buff?

While this beautiful village does seem like it is out of a history book, there is another appealing element you are not going to want to overlook.

This is going to be a world-class museum.

This museum is great because it offers ample history of how Solvang came about including some of the more unique Danish art pieces known to the world. It’s fascinating to see these pieces in California.


Buellton is linked to Solvang and it’s common for people to go between these two spots when they are here.

This is a unique spot because of the general layout of Buellton. It is full of unique items including the race cars that are spread throughout the region. We found this to be fascinating because we do love race cars and we took the time to stop and look at them.

After this, the wildlife in the region is also popular.

This includes the ostriches, which the locals talk about. You are going to want to see them up close and it is possible when you are in Buellton.

Soak In The Danish Buildings

Denmark residents are going to feel right at home while they are walking through the streets of Solvang in California.

It’s going to be straight out of a Danish city and that’s what we love about being here.

It’s not just the overall vibe but also how the buildings are constructed. This is hard to find elsewhere and you are going to be blown away by its beauty.

We took the time to walk around and just appreciate the natural beauty of each structure. Most people are going to pay attention to the windmills in Solvang as we did. They are gorgeous and only add to the aesthetic of the village when you are walking around.

It’s a beautiful place and the colors throughout the village are also eye-catching.

Jule Hus

Did you notice the red building in the main area of Solvang?

If so, you are going to be looking at the Jule Hus, which stands for Christmas House. This is a beautiful building and it’s going to make you feel like you are in winter wonderland at all times.

We had a lovely time being able to explore the various products inside the house and how it was decorated. It’s a beautiful sight and you can tell they take the Christmas theme seriously around here.

We enjoyed every moment of this experience.

It was fun, unique, and it also shows how Christmas is celebrated in this town.

Nojoqui Falls

Yes, this is a picturesque village in California but other natural elements are going to have to be on your list of things to do.

We found the Nojoqui Falls in the Nojoqui Falls County Park to be beautiful.

It is a great spot on a lovely day for you to have lunch by the falls. The park itself is gorgeous and it is common for the locals to go here when they are having fun. Those who are outdoorsy are going to have a blast at the park because it’s spacious and also offers a good hiking trail.

Take the time to walk along the trail and get to the falls.

Nojoqui Falls County Park is located off Highway 101, just a short drive from Solvang.

Farmer’s Market

Want to buy produce or just explore the local market?

The farmer’s market in Solvang is quite the sight and we loved it because you could speak to the local business owners and just see how the economics work here.

The farmer’s market happens during the week and is always fun.

Plus, if you are willing to buy produce, you are going to find some high-quality items here. Everything is in great condition.

Final Thoughts

This is the beauty of visiting Solvang Village in California and making the most of this classic location.

You can’t go wrong with this unique village in California.

It’s hearty, charming, and full of cool attractions to check out during the year.

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