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Shortest Hike To The Hollywood Sign (Local Guide)

Shortest Hike To The Hollywood Sign (Local Guide)

We have written a piece about seeing the Hollywood Sign without hiking and exploring North Hollywood in Los Angeles, but now it’s time to look at the shortest hike to the Hollywood Sign.

We have done ample research into this because going to the Hollywood Sign is always intriguing. It’s an experience all tourists should have.

We have even highlighted the best views in Los Angeles to further explore how beautiful this area can be.

Shortest Hike To The Hollywood Sign

Let’s begin with the shortest distance to the Hollywood Sign.

Based on our experience, the shortest hike to the Hollywood Sign is going to be the Burbank Peak Trail.

This trail is going to be 1.5 miles long (one way) and is ideal for those who want to keep things simple. You are going to be following the Wisdom Tree during this hike and it’s relatively quick as long as you are following the right path.

Of course, you are also going to be coming back to complete the hike, so it’s going to take around three miles.

We found this hiking trail to be perfect. It is not easy but it’s not too difficult either. The weather was good and it was easy to get to the Hollywood Sign when the goal was to just get to the destination.

Other trails give a more scenic route but that was not our goal!

In this case, you are going to be heading towards the ridge trail known as the Wonder View Trail and it is going to guide you towards the Cahuenga Peak. At this point, you are going to get to a straight road that is going to take you to the Hollywood Sign.

Please note that you are not going to want to take children on this hike. It’s still a tough one, so you need to be prepared for this element. However, the average hiker should be able to get there as long as they are focused.

Fun Hike To Hollywood Sign

For those who do want to take the scenic route, we would recommend taking the Brush Canyon Trail. This is a more robust, long-winded trail that is going to take you to the same destination.

It’s essential to look at the Brush Canyon Trail when it comes to taking your time to get to the sign.

It will take approximately three hours and it is going to be six miles long. As you can see, it is double the time that the shortest trail is going to take.

We always believe it’s important to not rush the process. This is how you end up getting hurt and that should never be the goal. It’s better to take your time, see what’s happening around you, and then continue towards the Hollywood Sign.

People end up getting hurt when they are not going at a reasonable pace.

When you get closer to the Hollywood Sign, you are going to be able to see it from the back. This is the closest you are going to be able to get to it. This will be a nice look and it’s going to be in line with what you want when you are hiking to the Hollywood Sign.

You can always view the Hollywood Sign from the Griffith Observatory too. This is a small tip we tend to give tourists because the view is great from there too!

Difficulty Of Hiking To The Hollywood Sign

If you are going to be taking the trail we have mentioned in this guide, it’s not going to be a walk in the park!

It is going to take a toll on your body but it’s also going to get you to the Hollywood Sign as fast as you want to get there. This is essential because you are going to have to put in more effort while being able to save time.

In our case, it was an intermediate hike.

It is not an advanced hike where you are going to be dealing with serious elevation gain but it is still going to put pressure on your joints. It’s best to be prepared for this and make sure you are staying hydrated during the hike.

It will be easier coming back but going up is going to be tough during this hike.

The elevation gain is significant before it tends to flatten out. Be prepared for this and continue to focus on each step.

There are parts where you are going to have to be focused on where you are stepping. This tends to be an issue if it has rained recently. Look at the weather to ensure you are going when it’s warm and sunny to avoid this type of moisture or you could slip.

Final Thoughts

This is the shortest hike to the Hollywood Sign.

We love going to the Hollywood Sign and this particular trail is going to get you there faster. Take the time to plan your hike and wear the right equipment.

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