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11 Pros And Cons Of Living In Edmonton (Expat Advice)

11 Pros And Cons Of Living In Edmonton (Expat Advice)

Edmonton is often seen as an underrated part of Alberta.

When you are considering moving to Alberta, it’s normal to want to go to a place such as Calgary due to the stampede and the overall popularity of the city.

However, it’s best to take a look at the charm of Edmonton and what makes it special. This is a gorgeous city with a welcoming community that will make you smile.

We have taken the time to go through the pros and cons of moving to Edmonton for those who are still on the fence about where to live in Alberta.

Pros Of Living In Edmonton


It’s best to start with the overall makeup of Edmonton.

This city is a multicultural hub.

There are people from all walks of life here and that’s what makes it exciting. While it might not be as multicultural as a city like Toronto, it is still a beautiful blend of communities that all come together to create a vibrant city.

You are going to have a wonderful time living here because there’s something for everyone.

We believe the multicultural aspect of Edmonton is what makes it great for expats. It’s a lot of fun to be here, especially during the warmer months.

Great For Families

What if you are thinking about moving to Edmonton with your family?

You will end up choosing a wonderful city because this is one of the better places to raise your children. It is a family-friendly city that has numerous neighborhoods that are safe and good for children to grow up in.

You will want to do your homework and take a look at these neighborhoods to choose the one that is going to work for you.

We find Edmonton to be a great place to raise your family.

Beautiful Natural Sights

It’s common for people to visit Alberta in the fall to make the most of the beautiful sights.

This includes checking out the national parks in Alberta.

Edmonton is in the right spot when it comes to a wide array of natural attractions in Alberta. This makes it ideal for those who like being out and about during the day.

We often recommend taking the time to head to the Rocky Mountains and also visit places such as The Elk Island National Park.

There is so much to do close to the city, you are never going to get bored as an outdoorsy person.

Great Sporting Culture

Are you an avid sports fan?

The sporting culture is great in Edmonton. You will often hear people talking about sports here because of their love for the Oilers.

The appeal for the Oilers is high here but that is not the only sport you are going to hear people talk about. You are going to have fans of all types of sports whether it’s baseball, basketball, or soccer. There is always someone ready to play when you are living in Edmonton.

You are also going to adore the festivals that take place here.

There is so much to do here and that is what makes it appealing. You can enjoy the sports scene in the city and also spend time at festivals that are built around these sporting events.

It’s also important to mention the winter sports culture here. It’s riveting and people come from all over to go skiing, skating, and snowboarding nearby.

World-Class Mall

This is one thing Edmonton is known for around the nation and the world.

West Edmonton Mal is the real deal.

This is one of the biggest shopping malls in the nation and a place you are going to want to spend time in. The allure of this mall is exceptional and those who are in love with shopping are going to want to spend the day here.

What is inside West Edmonton Mall?

You are going to get to see things such as an ice rink, hotel, casino, and even a complete water park.

Yes, it is that big!


We like Edmonton because it’s family-friendly.

This is not just about the education but also the overall experience when you are in the city. Those who want to make sure they are finding a good house and also a reasonable job are going to adore being in Edmonton.

This is a well-rounded city in Alberta and that is appealing to those who want to stay for a while.

Cons Of Living In Edmonton

Harsh Winters

It’s important to mention one of the biggest cons of moving to Edmonton.

The winter months can be brutal.

Most people are going to imagine snow being an issue and that is indeed true. However, the real concern is the unrelenting cold as it does get menacingly frigid in the middle of winter.

This is something you are going to expect around Canada but it does get bad in Edmonton. This includes the winter months being darker for longer periods.

It’s something you do get used to but it is tough on the mind.

Too Much Traffic

The traffic is something you are not going to expect when moving to Edmonton.

This is a place that has quite a bit of traffic and the reason is simple enough. It is not easy to be outside during the winter, so you are going to need a vehicle to get around.

This creates a lot of traffic on the road, which is something you are going to have to be used to.

It’s essential to focus on maximizing the situation and ensuring you are also looking at the transportation options in Edmonton. This includes focusing on the amount of traffic that is in town.

For the most part, you are going to end up having to deal with the traffic in Edmonton.

Requires Too Much Driving

It is going to be a lot of driving when you are in Edmonton.

As mentioned, the traffic is brutal but you are going to be out of options after a while. This often depends on where you are going.

You might not want to use the transportation system and add hours to your trip. This is why people end up driving anyway.

Average Nightlife

The nightlife is not great in Edmonton compared to other Canadian cities such as Montreal or Toronto.

This is something you are going to have to be prepared for.

Some people won’t care for this but it can be a requirement for some. This is why it’s essential to take a look at your options and make sure you are finding other ways to stay entertained while in Edmonton.

Minimal Educational Opportunities

The educational opportunities are average in Edmonton.

This is often the case with post-secondary education. It is not going to be as strong as some of the other major cities in Canada.

This is why a lot of students will move out of the city when they are looking to pursue further education.

Final Thoughts

These are the pros and cons of living in Edmonton.

We find this to be a riveting Albertan city that is full of character and a lot of fun once you settle in.

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