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7+ Safe Areas in Miami For Tourists (Local Guide)

7+ Safe Areas in Miami For Tourists (Local Guide)

Major cities are different from smaller towns in Florida.

We’ve been to Florida’s Pine Island and it was a unique experience compared to Miami. If you are going to Miami as a tourist, it’s essential to know where the safe spots are within the city.

It’s the only way you are going to feel comfortable walking around and knowing nothing is going to happen when you are outside.

We know this feeling and that’s why we want to provide more insight into visiting Miami and what it entails. This should make it simpler for those who are planning a trip to this major city and want to make the most of it.

It’s a riveting place but there have been stories associated with criminal activity. Just like any other major city, this is one that has crime in it too.

It’s also home to some of the most beautiful tourist attractions on the planet.

Let’s take a look at how safe Miami is and the safest places in Miami for tourists.

Safety In Miami

We would say Miami is a safe place. It’s a major city and has some crime in it, but the major tourist spots tend to be relatively safe.

You can walk around without much of a fuss.

We were confident while walking around and it was pleasnt to spend time in places such as Coral Gables and South Beach. Even when you are going out at night, you are going to enjoy your time because there are other people around too.

Safe Areas In Miami For Tourists

Downtown Miami 

A lot of tourists will want to take the time to go to the downtown core like we did.

This is where a lof of the fun stuff is present.

We took the time to head up to this area and simply walk around. For us, it was relatively safe with various eateries and cafes spread throughout the downtown area. This is appealing to those who want things to be nearby.

We took the time to go to the museums in the area and had a small picnic at Bayfront Park. This was enjoyable and a good way to do a bit of people-watching while we were in Miami.

This is a safe spot and one you are going to feel comfortable in as a visitor.


Wynwood is an intriguing place and one that’s associated with a calmness most people appreciate when they’re looking to unwind on a trip.

It’s close to Downtown Miami, which makes it appealing as a place to stay on your trip. If you find a hotel here, you are going to enjoy your time in Miami as it will be a safe one.

Wynwood is gorgeous and it is also a cultural bonanza.

This includes the street art and the various art galleries spread throughout the district. It’s a lot of fun to be here for those who like these elements.

South Beach

South Beach is well-regarded as being a premier tourist destination for those who are going to be visiting Miami.

It’s entertaining, energetic, and there’s always something to do at night.

This is why we feel it’s one of the safer places in Miami for those who want to have a bit of fun. The beaches are great and the nightlife is brilliant.

We were able to go around South Beach without thinking about it because the experience was a lot of fun. There is so much to do and you are going to get lost in the environment because of how vibrant it is.

North Beach

North Beach is often noted for being safe.

It’s a place that’s tranquil, charming, and has welcoming people. We love coming here because it’s a nice way to switch off our minds and simply relax on the beach.

It’s great because most people stick to South Beach, so you are going to have more open spaces when you are here to enjoy to yourself. If you are someone who doesn’t like dealing with the rush, you are going to enjoy what North Beach is all about.

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove has been developed for a long time and is a local favorite.

The reason has to do with the amount of cultural value that’s present here. You are going to enjoy the things to do in Coconut Grove and it was something we fell in love with. We got to speak to the locals, explore the attractions, and eat good food while we were in this part of Miami.

All of this can be done safely.

It’s a quiet, charming part of Miami and one you are going to enjoy.

Key Biscayne

When you are looking at different places in Miami, you are going to want to head to the island known as Key Biscayne.

This island is gorgeous.

It’s not just the views from the beach but also the ambiance. It’s so welcoming and you are going to get to make the most of the weather when you are here depending on the time of year you visit Miami. We would highly recommend going to this part of Miami.

This is a gorgeous island because of its state park and beaches.

There is so much natural beauty on offer and you are going to want to lap it up as soon as you are here. It’s also safe, which adds to its value as a place you want to go to in Miami.

Coral Gables

Coral Gables is appreciated for being a luxury region within Miami where people live and enjoy their time in beautiful homes.

You can drive around this area and appreciates its architectural beauty.

We were immersed in this place and didn’t want to leave because of how breathtaking it was. Just being able to enjoy the views and how delightful the ambiance was is hard to beat. You are going to feel safe here and it’s one spot most people in Miami appreciate.

We also took the time to eat at the various restaurants in Coral Gables and it was well worth it. The experience was enjoyable and the food was excellent.

Final Thoughts

These are the safest places in Miami for visitors.

Miami is one of the best places to visit in America and it’s going to bring a smile to your face. Just make sure to stay within these areas and have fun.

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