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9+ Smallest Towns In Florida (Local Guide)

9+ Smallest Towns In Florida (Local Guide)

We have looked at the oldest towns in Florida and now it’s time to look at the smallest towns in Florida.

Places such as Pine Island in Florida and Horseshoe Beach can often be overlooked because of their diminutive size.

We want to shed light on Florida’s small towns to showcase their beauty and charm.

This includes the beautiful panhandle towns in Florida.

With this in mind, it’s time to look at the smaller towns in Florida and how they continue to be beautiful places to stop by for locals and tourists.

Top Smallest Towns In Florida


With a small population of 640, you are going to enjoy your time in the delightful Micanopy.

We adored our time here because it’s a quaint town that has the traditional Florida charm you are going to be on the hunt for. You might not find it in Miami, but you are going to get it in Micanopy, Florida.

This is situated close to Gainesville and is well-known for its historic elements.

Take the time to visit and explore the buildings here. This includes speaking to the locals. It’s a small, but vibrant town.

White Springs

White Springs is slightly bigger in terms of population compared to Micanopy with 767 residents but it’s equally unique.

It is situated close to the Suwannee River and it is a beautiful northern Florida town.

You are going to adore the view of the water while also being able to mesh with the locals. It’s a welcoming small town in Florida and is known for its state park. We recommend taking the time to enjoy the state park and walk around for a bit.

Glen St. Mary

Glen St. Mary is another charming northern Florida town that is situated close to Macclenny and is appreciated for its beauty.

The people here are wonderful but so is the development work that’s been done in the town.

They have put in quite a bit of work to modernize the town and this includes how the community has been set up. As of right now, we feel it is not only beautiful but also well-developed for a small town.

It has a population of 653 and is quite beautiful.


This is a smaller town in Florida and is situated close to Gainesville.

It has a charming population of 490 and is great for those who are going to be checking out Micanopy. We did both of these towns at the same time to get a better read of the area along with the local population.

We found Mcintosh to be just as riveting.

It has various architectural elements that are easy on the eyes and are also going to let you know more about the history of Florida.

Briny Breezes

With a small population of 450, Briny Breezes is one of those towns you are often going to forget about until you see it on the map.

We noticed it was close to Boynton Beach, which made it easy to get to.

Briny Breezes is one of those towns where everything is scattered. This includes the mobile homes that are set up. It is a nice area and a quiet one too.

St. Marks

St. Marks has a tiny population of 319, which makes it one of the smallest Florida towns you are going to get to see when you are looking around.

The reason it is population has to do with its aquatic wildlife.

The fish in the area are accessible, which is why it has long been seen as a good fishing spot. While it was more popular among fishing businesses in the past, it is still a charming fishing area for enthusiasts.

We recommend coming here when the weather is clear.

Penney Farms

This is slightly larger than some of the other Florida towns on this list.

It has a population of 824 but is still quiet. We had a lovely time walking through the community because it’s dripping with historic elements. This includes the farms that are set up in the area and the buildings.

Everything is historic and charming.

Highland Park

Highland Park is going to have the smallest population on this list with only 264 residents.

This means you are going to be heading towards a small community that is built along a singular element – the golf course.

Yes, there is a golf course here and a community that was built around it. These days it is just a small community with no golfers in sight.


The last small town on the list is going to have to be Steinhatchee.

We liked this fishing town because it has gorgeous fishing spots along the Gulf Coast. It’s ideal for fishing enthusiasts and it does tend to attract people due to the river.

We loved the view and there were fish in the water.

Final Thoughts

These are the tiniest towns in Florida and it’s worth going to a few of them when you are here.

these are towns that offer historic purpose, beautiful sights, and also great experiences you are not going to get elsewhere.

Why not take advantage of it?

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