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11+ Best Panhandle Florida Towns (Local Favorites)

11+ Best Panhandle Florida Towns (Local Favorites)

We have been to Celebration Town in Florida, Horseshoe Beach, and Christmas in Florida, but some beautiful towns deserve a mention too.

Over our time in Florida, we have taken the time to visit good Panhandle Florida towns that are gorgeous to be in and have hearty people living there.

For those who are residing in Florida, you are going to know about some of these towns.

Let’s take a look at our favorites.

Top Panhandle Florida Towns


Bristol is one of those underrated Florida towns that can often go unnoticed.

We found this to be a charming place because it offers a cozy, ambient vibe that is pleasing during the cooler days of the year. It’s also noted for being The Garden of Eden according to some, which has an appeal of its own.

You will often see people pop up to take a look due to this reason.


Milton is situated close to the Blackwater River and is appreciated for its scenic presence.

It is a charming, quaint region in Florida that is ideal for those who want to explore some of the smaller regions in the region.

Those who are in Pensacola will be visiting Milton here and there. It’s a nice spot and one of the original regions to have been developed in Florida.

Grayton Beach

For those who are going to be heading to a beach town, why not spend a bit of time at Grayton Beach?

This is a gorgeous beach town that is not only visually appealing but also hearty. We enjoyed our time in this town and it has often welcomed tourists throughout the years.

After all, it has a gorgeous selection of resorts for you to choose from.


Most people coming to Apalachicola will be heading straight to the water. This is where the aquatic wildlife is unique and it’s easy to end up with a fishing rod in the water hoping to hook one of those great catches.

We have been in the same spot and it is a nice spot for this type of adventure.

Along with the fishing, it’s a nice place with great food and can be cozy compared to the rest of the area.


Chipley is noted for being a gorgeous town in Florida because it is an architectural delight.

Most people are going to overlook this town without realizing what they are missing out on. We highly recommend walking the streets and just observing the buildings. There are intricate, historic details associated with these buildings for those who have a keen eye.

Chipley is a town that has it all and is quite quaint too.


When looking at the best Florida Panhandle towns, it’s essential to name Graceville.

It indeed has a lot of grace.

This is a town that has commonly been associated with peanuts. Yes, there are peanuts grown on land in Graceville and it has been a good source of high-grade Floridian peanuts over the years.


Marianna was formed during the initial years of the state, which means it has been around for a long time with historic buildings everywhere.

It’s a small town but it is one with a lot of heart.

You will often see how the plantations were set up in the town and how they have grown over time. It’s a vibrant, unique town in Florida.


Carrabelle is one of those Florida Panhandle towns that will often be underrated because it is noted for being a fishing place.

This means fishermen will roll into town looking for a good catch.

However, it is a beautiful place and is also gorgeous because of its outdoor spots. Walking around will open your eyes to the region’s potential.


Destin is commonly noted for being one of the traditional fishing regions in Florida.

You are going to love it and the beaches are remarkably beautiful. You are going to enjoy the quiet spaces on the beaches and the people are great. Tourists do come to Destin all the time for the weather and the great spots along the coast.

We also recommend grabbing a bite here with the view of the water. It’s worth it.

Fort Walton Beach

Fort Walton Beach is a town that is commonly associated with the air force.

After all, you are going to immediately see Air Force personnel in town and that is going to include the Eglin Air Force Base that is set up in the area.

This allows the professionals to go to the beach and relax when they are in town. It’s common for people to visit the beach whenever they are in the area.


The last town on the list is going to have to be Niceville.

We adore Niceville because it is another hub for the airforce and it’s common for the personnel to be walking around on their off days.

This is a charming spot and it’s quiet too.

Final Thoughts

These are the best panhandle Florida towns based on what we have seen.

We know these are not going to be the first towns on your list, but they are worth visiting. The beautiful greenery, good weather, and beaches will earn your respect once you are there.

We also have a guide on the top resorts in Florida.