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Disney Celebration Town (Local Advice)

Disney Celebration Town (Local Advice)

While we have looked at old towns in Florida and gone swimming with dolphins in Florida, it’s essential to look at a charming town by the name of Celebration.

The Disney Celebration town is a fascinating place.

It is a wonderful place that is full of historic purpose, welcoming people, and just has that vibe you’re looking for while visiting a US town.

We enjoyed our time in Celebration and felt it was enthralling right from day one. If you are looking to visit Celebration in Florida then you are going to want to go through this guide.

Where Is Celebration In Florida?

Celebration is a town situated close to the Magic Kingdom in Florida.

It is a quaint community in the heart of Osceola County and is a part of Orlando. We adore this place and find it to be a charming town that is small in stature but full of purpose.

With 7,400+ residents, it is a relaxed community that is always fun to be around.

Disney’s Role In Celebration

Now, you are going to be wondering why we called it Disney Celebration Town.

This is a good detail to look into.

In general, the town has been associated with Disney since its inception. This is due to Walt Disney taking the time to invest money into the region and turning it into Disney World.

The premise was to make sure Disney World was set up and then there was an entire region designed around that location. This included a comprehensive community of houses that would be set up on the acres of land that he had purchased for Disney.

Did it end up going through?

No, it didn’t end up going through because it was just a plan. Various hurdles came up and it was an idea that went away with time. However, the land was still used as a way of making a residential town in the form of Celebration.

The goal was to have a comprehensive community that was designed from the ground up. We believe the town has come together brilliantly and has the vibe you would expect it to.

This includes having a riveting design, looking the part, and just being a great place to stay. You are going to enjoy your time here even though it is not the way Walt Disney might have thought it was going to be.

Tips For Visiting Celebration In Florida

Get A Guide

The first thing we are going to recommend a person do while visiting Celebration in Florida is to get a guide.

The guide is going to be integral to learning more about Celebration and immersing yourself in the community. This is one of the best things a person can do and that’s how you are going to have a great time.

The guide is going to take the time to break down what Celebration is all about, its key sites, and what makes it special.

You will want to learn about this while you are there.

Mingle With The Locals

When you are taking the time to stay at one of the local hotels, you are also going to want to mingle with the locals.

The one thing we enjoyed about Celebration was being able to speak to the locals. They are welcoming and fun.

This adds to the experience, plus it’s a breathtaking place to stay in. You are going to enjoy all that it has to offer instantly.

Eat Good Food

Let’s assume you are taking the time to mingle with the locals and now your stomach is grumbling from hunger.

Where are you going to eat in Celebration?

You are going to have a few options as the town does offer good local cuisine. This includes a few places to drink as well!

We would highly recommend a place such as Columbia Restaurant because it offers premier sandwiches and the staff is friendly. We liked eating there and it was a cozy place to stay in for a few hours too.

Another option would be the delightful Avacado Mexican Grill, which was situated on Bloom Street and was quite enjoyable for us. We adore Mexican food and this was the number one place in town for such food.

Have Fun

This is one of the most important tips we are going to recommend for those going to Celebration in Florida.

You are going to want to have fun!

This is a quaint town but it has been designed with your needs in mind. The one thing we used to do was get up early and just stroll around the community. This allowed us to take in the good weather and also meet a few people while taking in the good views.

It was an enthralling way to learn more about the region on our own.

Final Thoughts

This is what Celebration is all about in Florida.

Take the time to visit Celebration and spend a few days here. You are going to love it!

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