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Cape San Blas Florida (Tourist Guide)

Cape San Blas Florida (Tourist Guide)

When looking at a wide array of vacation spots in Florida, it’s easy to overlook a hidden gem like Cape San Blas.

We have explored various RV parks in Florida and old towns in Florida, but there is a sense of appeal going to Cape San Blas that is unparalleled.

It’s easy to overlook this gorgeous part of Florida because of the other areas. However, you are missing out!

You are going to have access to some of the most gorgeous beach towns in Florida here and a variety of sites that have long been forgotten when that should not be the case!

Take the time to visit Cape San Blas in Florida and make the most of this breathtaking region. It’s truly remarkable.

When we were planning a vacation, we wanted to go to a spot that was a true gem but unknown to the average tourist. We know people want to go to places such as South Beach or The Florida Keys, but it’s also essential to look at a place like Cape San Blas.

The beaches here are fascinating and are going to take your breath away.

We were in awe of how magical it all was. There were open spaces everywhere but the natural beauty was still stunning.

How To Get To Cape San Blas

If you are thinking about going to Cape San Blas in Florida, you are going to have to start driving in this direction.

You will have to take Highway 98, which is going to continue to this spot.

It’s going to be a beautiful drive and one we do recommend taking in Florida. When the weather is great, this is a majestic drive that you are going to remember for a long time!

Our Experience In Cape San Blas

As soon as we got to Cape San Blas, we started to realize it was much quieter than some of the other parts of Florida.

There was less traffic and people were just having a good time on their own. This is always nice to see because the natural beauty is still there and it is still remarkably Floridian in all essences.

We started to drive around for a bit and it was clear the beaches were breathtaking. You could sense it as soon as you got to the coastline. However, there was barely anyone there and we went on the weekend!

We recommend taking the time to choose a few of these beaches and just watch as the waves roll in. It’s a pleasant sight and you are going to remember it for a long time.

Things To Do In Cape San Blas

T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park

Are you someone who likes being outdoors and just interacting with the wildlife?

If so, you are going to want to head to this immaculate state park in Cape San Blas. This is the ultimate state park because it’s spread across 1,900 acres of land and you are going to be impressed by how authentic everything is.

We took the time to take it all in because there were so many species on offer and it was impressive to see.

We got to see all sorts of animals and that includes some we didn’t want to see such as the snakes! However, the turtles were quite fun to watch.

It’s common for people to spend a bit of time here and even birdwatch when given the chance to do so. There is ample space here and there is always wildlife for you to spot.


The average person is going to be heading straight to the sandy parts of Cape San Blas and rightly so. This is where the magic is.

You are going to find numerous open spaces when you are here and the sand is going to feel amazing under your feet.

We fell in love with the warmth of the water and how beautiful it was to the naked eye.

We also took the time to do a bit of fishing while we were here because the catches were good at this time of the year. This is always good for those who want to have a bit of fun and want to do a bit of fishing or want to head into the water for some kayaking.

Just walking around the beaches is also a lot of fun!

Skully’s Low Country Boil

It’s common for people to want to interact with the locals and have a good meal.

We would recommend this spot because it was quaint, fun, and the food was amazing. At the end of the day, we wanted to eat great food and that’s what we got here.

The shrimp was impressive and just the overall charm of the location was great along with the weather. It was simply outstanding.

Final Thoughts

This is all you are going to want to learn about Cape San Blas in Florida.

The region is fresh, quiet, and has everything you are going to want along the coastline.

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