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12+ Things To Do In Pylos Peloponnese (Local Approved)

12+ Things To Do In Pylos Peloponnese (Local Approved)

When we look at the cheapest nations to go to in Europe, we have spoken about how Greece is a hidden gem because it’s commonly assumed to be expensive.

It’s all about where you are going in Greece.

One of those spots would have to be Pylos in Peloponnese.

This is one of the more unique regions in this nation and is situated along the western side. It’s a beautiful town that is often heralded for its beauty and the natural elements that are visible throughout your time there.

We spent a few days in Pylos and felt it was a remarkable experience that was worth our time.

Let’s take a look at the top things to do in Pylos and why it is worth it.

Best Things To Do In Pylos Peloponnese

Stenosia Trail

If you are someone who wants to enjoy the natural charm of Pylos, it’s essential to think about the Stenosia Trail and how it exudes beauty.

Just the ambiance of this beautiful trail is going to win you over.

We took the time to walk along the trail and enjoy the greenery that was present. This includes local plants and trees that are often missed by people who are outdoors in Greece. You are going to love it for this reason!

We also spent time around the waterfalls here because they are magical to observe. It’s common for the residents in the area to also spend time near the waterfalls because of how gorgeous they are.


The “fortress” is one of those historical elements that should be explored.

Greece has what is known as the New Fortress or Neokastro. This is a specific setup that is nestled along the coastline and is quite a pleasant sight for those who have never seen a location such as this one.

Some castles have been set up and act as what is a comprehensive fortress close to the bay of Pylos. We recommend taking the time to go here because there is a history lesson associated with the fortress in Greece.

Voidokilia Beach And Gialova Lagoon 

Most people love the idea of sitting under the sun and just enjoying the beauty of Pylos in Greece.

We loved doing this too.

The weather was warm and it was perfect for going to the beach, which is what we did. We went to the beautiful Voidokilia Beach, which has gorgeous views and is perfect when the weather is good. It was delightful to walk around this beach and just explore it with the waves rustling in the background.

The sand itself was warm and soft the way we imagined it to be.

Kalamaris Waterfall 

We have spoken about waterfalls in Pylos before and it’s essential to also look at this world-class one.

The Kalamaris Waterfall is breathtaking.

It’s a waterfall that has been set up close to the Giolova town and is remarkable for its natural elegance. You are going to love taking photos here because the tall waterfall is easy on the eyes and is going to act as a delightful backdrop as soon as you are in place.

House Museum Kostis Tsiklitiras

The ample history of Pylos cannot be ignored.

You are going to learn a lot about this magical place and it starts with this particular museum. It is a museum that sheds light on one of the most remarkable athletes the region has ever produced.

This is none other than Kostis Tsiklitiras.

He was a famous Olympian and is heralded for what he has managed to do not only for Pylos but Greece as a whole.

The Three Admirals’ Square

It’s common for the locals to come out to this square.

It’s the heart of Pylos and it’s where you are going to want to be when you want to meet with the locals and just go to the various shops that are in place. It’s a lot of fun to walk around this square in Pylos and just see what is available.

The food options are also nice here and we highly recommend grabbing a coffee from one of the Pylos cafes in the square.

This is a charming square and it’s also beautiful to observe. The architecture is intricate and designed with European touches that are common in other places around the continent.

Sfaktiria And Navarino Bay 

If you are someone who enjoys being close to the marina and just want to observe boats in the area, you are going to want to head to the coast.

This is where you are going to have access to the Navarino Bay.

We adored our time here because the sun was out and the boats were floating by. Just the sight of them with the sparkling sun in the background is always pleasant. We adored our time in the water.

This is also a great place to go into the water yourself with a rental boat.

Take the time to do this and you are going to have a wonderful time.

Polilimnio Waterfalls

As we have mentioned before, this is the town of waterfalls.

You are going to get to see more in the form of the beautiful Polilimnio Waterfalls. These are some of the most breathtaking waterfalls in the region and are no less than the others that have been mentioned here.

We fell in love with the area around the falls and it was simply outstanding. You are going to head to the Polylimnio Gorge to see them and the massive waterfalls are going to take your breath away.

Castle Of Methoni 

Historic architecture is part and parcel of being in a nation such as Greece.

Some structures have been around for a long time and this castle is going to be one of them. It is situated close to the Ionian Sea and it is quite the sight.

We had a lovely time exploring the area around the castle because the town of Methoni is also fascinating. There is a sense of traditional Greece here that is quite riveting.

Streets of Pylos

Sometimes, the best parts of a trip will include walking through the streets of a town.

This is what we did in Pylos.

One of the top things to do in Pylos Greece would be something as simple as walking through the streets that illustrate what local architecture is all about. We took the time to walk around the streets close to the square and also the museum that’s dedicated to Tsiklitiras.

Gialova Lagoon

Are you a big fan of wildlife?

This is one place where you are going to get to see beautiful wildlife in the form of flamingos. We fell in love with the view because it was such a unique experience.

We had never seen flamingos before but you do get to see them in Pylos when you go to Gialova.

It is always nice to be able to see all types of wildlife in one spot and that’s what you are going to get in Giolova. It’s breathtaking due to the moisture all around you and that is what attracts the wildlife.

King Nestor’s Palace

The last place on the list is going to be the beautiful King Nestor’s Palace.

This is a world-class site that has been maintained over the years and is a pleasant part of the region’s history. You are going to get to see the palace in its current shape and it continues to look beautiful from all angles.

We enjoyed driving out to the area because the palace has so many rooms. Just being able to walk through these rooms is quite an experience. There is so much history from the 13th century that’s going to blow you away.

Final Thoughts

These are the best things to do in Pylos.

Pylos in Greece is always fun and it’s recommended to do all of these things once you are in town.

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