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9+ Things To Do In Preveza Greece (Local Approved)

9+ Things To Do In Preveza Greece (Local Approved)

We have talked about things to do in Pylos Greece and now it’s time to look at the beautiful Preveza.

Located in Epirus, Preveza is a dazzling region that has long been appreciated for its elegance. We often hear people talk about Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini, but it’s also essential to look at a marvelous place such as Preveza.

Preveza is one of those places that is full of fun things to do and can also be relaxing for those willing to rest a bit.

We are going to shed light on what our trip entailed when we went to Preveza in Greece. Here are the top things to do in Preveza when you are there.

Best Things To Do In Preveza Greece

Amvrakikos Gulf

We started by heading to the Amvrakikos Gulf, which was a tremendous amount of fun because of the general beauty that was present everywhere.

There is ample greenery in the area, but you are also looking at access to the water, which is where you are going to get to see aquatic wildlife. This includes the heralded bottlenose dolphins, which are prominent in the area.

We believe it’s best to enjoy this part of Preveza when you are in town as it will be a lot of fun.

Sardine Festival

Preveza is renowned for being a place that celebrates specific events and likes to have a good time.

We had a blast when we were here and took part in the Sardine Festival. Yes, there was a sardine festival going on and it’s an annual event that takes place in the area. It takes place in thes summer and it is quite riveting.

You tend to have people enjoying sardines while hanging out with the locals and having a good time. It simply does not get better than this!

Loutsa Beach

When you are close to the coastline, you are going to be heading straight to the beach like we did.

The Loutsa Beach is marvelous and it’s one of the more spectacular places in all of Greece based on what we have managed to see. It’s a hidden gem and it’s ideal for those who want to settle under the sun and just enjoy the ambiance.

You are going to love it here.

Lake Ziros

We heard great things about Lake Ziros and knew it was a part of Preveza we wanted to check out for ourselves.

Lake Ziros is beautiful.

It is one of those spots where you are going to find it easy to go into the water but it’s also going to be wonderful to sit alongside as you people-watch or birdwatch. We did a lot of this and spent hours near Lake Ziros having a good time.

We highly recommend this because it is such a peaceful place.

Paragaea Olive Oil Factory

If you don’t know already, Greece loves its olive oil.

This is a part of the local cuisine and it’s something you are always going to find in their meals. This is why it makes sense for an olive oil factory to be a heralded attraction in Preveza.

We took the time to go to the Paragaea Olive Oil Factory and it was surprising at how intricate everything is. You are going to get to take a tour of the factory while learning more about the process and its history. It is educational and you also get to try the olive oil while you are there!

Acheron River

Going to the Acheron River is never a bad idea, especially when the weather is beautiful.

We got some food and headed to the river to see how the view was like. The view was breathtaking and that allowed us to walk around and just enjoy the rustling nature of the river alongside us as we walked a few kilometers.

This is what it’s all about when you are in this part of Greece.

Monolithi Beach

This is another Preveza beach that is well worth checking out.

We enjoyed being able to look out at the crystal clear water with the sun out and the warm sand under our feet. It’s one of those tranquil beaches that is not going to be packed and is going to allow you to settle under the sun immediately.

We loved how safe we felt here and it was quite fun to walk around to the various eateries in the beach town.

Anyone passionate about going to the beach will want to have this one on their list.

Jazz Festival 

This is another popular festival in Preveza and it’s one we would encourage tourists to check out.

You are going to get to hear some of the best jazz music you’ve ever heard here and it can be fun to mingle with the other festival goers as soon as you are here.

We enjoyed the festival as the weather was good and good jazz performers took the time to show up.

The Archaeological Museum of Nikopolis

The history of the region cannot be overlooked and that is why you are going to want to take the time to head to this museum in Preveza.

This is a wonderful museum.

It is situated in Preveza and is built around the Nikopolis site. This allows you to learn more about the city’s history along with the battle that took place here. This is a historic place and it’s one you are going to want to learn more about.

Final Thoughts

These are the best things to do in Preveza Greece.

Preveza is beautiful, historic, and a place that’s going to let you learn more about traditional Greece. We do find this to be a wonderful place.

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