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Top Los Angeles Bridges (Hidden Gems)

Top Los Angeles Bridges (Hidden Gems)

Bridges are a common sight in Los Angeles.

This is assuming you know where to look as these bridges are not only useful but also architectural delights for those who are intrigued by how they’re designed.

It’s nice to walk around and view different bridges in LA because they will take your breath away. We feel these bridges are nice to see and spend time around for those who are looking for something interesting to do.

There’s also a tremendous amount of historic value behind some of these bridges in LA that you will want to learn about.

The best Los Angeles bridges include the Colorado Street Bridge, Shakespeare Bridge, and Pacific Electric Railroad Bridge. These LA bridges are situated throughout the city and are quite a sight for those who have never seen them before.

We find these to be a must-see element of being in Los Angeles.

You can also make a date out of it in Los Angeles if you find the right spots near these bridges. Here is a look at the best bridges in LA and what makes them special in our eyes.

Best Los Angeles Bridges

Colorado Street Bridge

The Colorado Street Bridge is an aesthetically pleasing bridge due to its views. Being on top of the bridge is going to allow you to look at some of the surrounding elements from an improved vantage point.

It’s hard to describe until you are on top and looking around you. It tends to show LA in a unique manner.

This bridge is a major plus for those in the area and it is common for people to walk on the bridge. You can park nearby and walk to the bridge and it can be a wonderful place to settle in for a while. This is not a new bridge and it has been around for a while, which also adds to its historic presence.

Shakespeare Bridge

The name suggests this is a bridge that has a bit of history behind it.

It is in the Los Feliz neighborhood and is quite a remarkable sight for those who see it. This is due to how it has been designed and how it settles into the area. We found it to be unique and right in line with the name it has been given.

While this is a bridge that is not going to be noticeable right away, you will begin to appreciate it as soon as you walk near it.

It tends to be a busier bridge, so do take the time to plan when you go there. This is a place where you should go earlier in the morning as that is when you can easily take photos and not have to worry about anything.

Pacific Electric Railroad Bridge

When it is time to look at a train bridge, this is the first one you are going to want to have on your list. The Pacific Electric Railroad Bridge is a classic when it comes to its aesthetics and how it manages to provide a unique design.

It has an arch design, which is terrific to look at from afar.

You will enjoy how it settles into the area and the photos you can take around it.

Ballona Creek Bridge

This is a bridge that is quite beautiful because of where it is located.

You are going to notice the water nearby as it is a bridge designed to help cross to the marina, which means you are going to get to see sailboats and other water elements nearby. This tends to be a lot of fun for those who want that aquatic touch with their bridges.

The Ballona Creek Bridge is quite the sight and offers a great option for sightseeing.

Although, you are going to want to be careful when you go to this bridge. There are people present during the peak hours of the day, which makes it a little harder to get good photos. If you want to take photos at this bridge, you will want to come earlier in the day.

You can also push past these hurdles if you go when the sun is setting. This is when you are going to get the beautiful setting sun in your pictures. It is up to you.

Final Thoughts

These are the best bridges in Los Angeles.

The top bridges in LA include the Ballona Creek Bridge, Shakespeare Bridge, and Pacific Electric Railroad Bridge. These bridges all have something unique to offer whether it is their surrounding elements or how they have been designed.

LA has a lot of history behind it and we recommend putting a few bridges on your itinerary when you are in the city.

Choosing the safest parts of LA will allow you to go to these bridges.