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5 Types Of Hotel Breakfasts (Updated)

5 Types Of Hotel Breakfasts (Updated)

Most people are going to think about the size of their hotel room or choosing a connecting room at the hotel, but what about the breakfast options?

It’s essential to understand the options available to you as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Some hotels will not offer breakfast and that is going to be priced into the amount you end up paying. However, a lot of people do prefer eating breakfast at the hotel and it can offer real value to their experience at the location.

We have traveled for a long time and have seen it all.

This has led to us understanding the nuances of hotel breakfasts and what they entail.

Here is a breakdown of the different types of breakfasts at hotels.

Types Of Hotel Breakfasts

American Breakfast

When you are dealing with American hotels, you are often going to end up getting what is known as an American breakfast.

This is going to include an assortment of dishes and it’s going to taste great too. We do like this type of hotel breakfast.

The menu can include:

  • Fresh Fruits
  • Hot/Cold Milk
  • Fresh Fruit Juice (Orange)
  • Eggs (Boiled/Omelette)
  • Bread
  • Tea/Coffee
  • Meat (Sausages/Bacon)

The American breakfast at the hotel will also include a spoon, fork, plate, bread boat, toast rack, and napkins.

Continental Breakfast

This is one of the most common types of hotel breakfasts available around the world.

We often see this being offered and it does hit the spot depending on how the breakfast is prepared at the hotel.

What is a continental breakfast?

For the most part, a continental breakfast is going to include a wide array of items including butter, toast, coffee, and/or a croissant. The purpose is to mix things up and ensure people get what they want out of the breakfast.

The menu can include:

  • Tea/Coffee
  • Fresh Fruit Juice (Orange)
  • Jam
  • Honey
  • Bread/Croissant

It’s also important to note the breakfast is going to come with additional items. This is going to include things such as a plate, teaspoon, napkins, and/or tongs.

English Breakfast

This is one of the more well-intentioned breakfasts served at hotels.

We appreciate the attention to detail that goes into this type of breakfast because it is not as easy to put together and it tends to hit the spot when you are hungry in the morning.

An English breakfast at a hotel is designed to have multiple courses of food served to guests.

The menu can include:

  • Porridge/Muesli
  • Hot/Cold Milk
  • Fresh Fruit Juice (Orange, Tomato)
  • Egg (Boiled/Fried)
  • Fish (Grilled/Steamed/Poached)
  • Bread/Croissant
  • Jam/Honey
  • Tea/Coffee

You are also going to have additional items included with the English breakfast at the hotel including a fork, juice glass, teaspoon, plate, napkins, and toast rack.

Regional Breakfast

This is going to depend on where you are staying. A regional breakfast is common when you are traveling abroad because they are going to have local dishes that are served during the morning.

This can include Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Italian, and/or a wide array of other types of cuisines.

Buffet Breakfast

This is one of the safer options for hotels because it keeps things simple. We have noticed more and more locations veering towards a buffet breakfast at the hotel because it gets the job done and serves as many guests as possible.

In the end, the goal is to feed the hotel guests breakfast and make sure they are happy with it.

This is why the buffet breakfast is ideal for hotels.

The buffet breakfast is just as it sounds. It’s a buffet. All of the food items are put out for guests to come and choose from during a set time.

The menu can include:

  • Fresh Fruits
  • Fresh Fruit Juice (Orange/Apple/Pineapple)
  • Meat (Bacon/Sausages)
  • Hot/Cold Milk
  • Tea/Coffee

Final Thoughts

These are the different types of hotel breakfasts to account for when you are staying at a hotel.

When you have been traveling for a while, you are going to get to experience an assortment of breakfast options at hotels.

We do recommend taking the time to try everything and seeing what you prefer. This is often a fun thing to do when you are traveling abroad because the local cuisine is going to let you immerse yourself in the location you are staying at.