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2 Weeks In Argentina (Complete Itinerary)

2 Weeks In Argentina (Complete Itinerary)

The charm of being in Argentina is thrilling.

It’s a riveting place with ample culture, wonderful people, and a style that’s going to make you smile from ear to ear.

It is also commonly cited when listing some of the best cities to live in South America.

For those who are going to be visiting Argentina, it’s essential to have a complete itinerary in mind. A trip to Argentina needs to be well planned and that’s going to require a bit of work on your part.

We know this is not going to be easy, so we have put together a few ideas for you to consider before traveling to Argentina.

First-Timer Trip

Let’s begin with a simple setup where the goal is to get acquainted with this beautiful nation in South America. You will be fresh here and that means everything is going to be fascinating and brand-new in your eyes.

We have been in this situation and it can be quite exciting.

As a result, we have put together a few ideas for those who want to travel to Argentina for a few weeks. We would recommend starting in one of the most beautiful Argentinian cities available to you in the form of Buenos Aires.

You can spend 2-3 days here.

We would recommend walking around the beautiful city, eating out, and just visiting some of the gorgeous sights around town.

After this, you can head out to Mendoza.

Mendoza is a place that is quaint and ideal for those who want to make the most of their time enjoying a more authentic old-fashioned experience. We would spend a few days here sightseeing, enjoying the weather, and relaxing.

After this, you can head out to the delightful Salta region. This is where you are going to enjoy a bit of win, perhaps check out the hills, and hike a bit.

If you have more time, you can always head out to Iguazu Falls for more natural sightseeing.

North To South

Some people don’t get fatigued easily.

Spending two weeks in Argentina is going to feel like a lifetime to you. We know this feeling and it often comes with those who are always on the go. For you, it’s best to see all that Argentina has to offer and pack it into a reasonable schedule of two weeks.

You will start with a day in Buenos Aires and then it’s time to head out to El Calafate. Here you are going to enjoy time at the glacier and also walk around for a bit of sightseeing. After this, you will head out to Bariloche for boat tours and nature hikes throughout the various regions of this beautiful part of Argentina.

You can then choose to head out to Salta, check it out for a few hours, and then drive to Cafayate and Cachi. This is all about the road trip experience because you will see gorgeous sights between these two regions.

The Nature-Friendly Itinerary

We know some of you are going to want to be out and about in this fascinating nation. We understand the appeal of doing this and it’s common for people to want to see what the natural beauty has to offer here.

This itinerary for an Argentina trip is going to let you start at Buenos Aires and then head out to El Calafate.

Your goal here is to check out the wildlife in the area including spending time at the Glaciarium. We find this to be riveting including the beautiful Perito Moreno Glacier.

After you spend a few days in El Calafate, you are going to head out to El Chalten.

In El Chalten, you can spend time hiking at Laguna de Los Tres or spend time along the mountain trails. There is so much to do here and it can be quite a bit of fun.

We would also recommend saving a bit of time for Ushuaia.

Ushuaia is great because you can head out into the water here. This is at the Tierra del Fuego National Park where people often go into the water for a bit of fun.

Northern Argentina

Some people are going to want to pick a particular part of Argentina to enjoy and soak in as much as possible.

If so, you are going to want to take a look at Northern Argentina.

Northern Argentina is great because you are going to start in Buenos Aires, walk around, and then head out to Salta before going to Tilcara. In Tilcara, you can spend time at the Quebrada de Humahuaca and also visit the Pucara de Tilcara.

We would then head out to San Antonio de Los Cobres, drive to Tolar Grande, and check out the various natural sights in town.

At this point, you continue to drive to Antofalla and El Penon for more natural sightseeing. This includes continuing to a beautiful place such as Cafayate to see the Quebrada de Las Conchas or even the ancient ruins.

You can then continue your road trip to Salta to see places such as the Los Cardones National Park.

Simple Trip

Some people want to keep things simple and still get to see the vast beauty of Argentina.

Traveling to Argentina for two weeks means you will need to take advantage of guided tours and various natural spots around the main areas.

We would start with one of the most beautiful cities in South America in the form of Buenos Aires. You can then walk around for sightseeing, ride your bike through the city, and enjoy the various world-class eateries.

After this, head out to Bariloche and check out the gorgeous Cerro Llao Llao.

We would then recommend going to Mendoza for the wineries and also the wildlife that is in the region. It will offer a more laid-back version of Argentina for you to make the most of.

At this point, you can head out to Salta, check it out a bit, drive to Purmamarca, and then come back to Salta.

Final Thoughts

These are the itineraries you are going to want to look into when spending 2 weeks in Argentina.

The experience is going to be a fascinating one and it will allow you to enjoy the beauty of this wonderful nation.