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Best Places To Live In South America (Expat Approved)

Best Places To Live In South America (Expat Approved)

South America is a thriving continent with beautiful mountains, lush rainforests, and tropical weather that is remarkable to experience.

Whether you are going to Argentina, Brazil, or Uruguay, there are gorgeous cities in all parts of the continent.

With so many to choose from, you will wonder, which ones are the best places to live in South America?

This guide will list the top options based on our opinions.

Top Places To Live In South America

Buenos Aires

The joy of living in Argentina can be hard to explain.

Most people will appreciate the intricate excellence of South America and its fun-loving culture. If that’s what you are hoping for, you will know Buenos Aires is the real deal.

This is an exceptional city that offers a selection of natural sights but also the atmosphere required for digital nomads to thrive. We have found this to be one of the better and more well-designed cities in the region for those who want to make sure they are having a fun time in Argentina.

Buenos Aires is heralded as being a place that is great for all ages.

You are going to get to choose from a selection of coffee shops and restaurants here while knowing it is going to be equipped with the amenities needed to thrive as a professional too. This is why many people move to Buenos Aires in Argentina.


The charm of going to Colombia is hard to beat.

We believe this is one of the premier destinations on the continent and it’s a place you are going to feel at home with.

Medellin is full of flair offering a bonanza of festivals and exciting cuisine. This is ideal for those who are foodies and like the idea of having fun during the week. Medellin is all about being calm and having a great time.

This is what you are going to get here and it will bring a smile to your face.

We also believe this is a great place for digital nomads. They have crafted the city in a way where the working spaces are ample and you are not going to feel restricted.


Lima is a place where you are going to be hit with a flurry of cultural activities and cuisines.

People admire this aspect of Lima because it’s a vibrant place. It is a capital city that is ideal for those who like being entertained and are always going to be heading outside to do something fun.

If that’s you, Lima is the place to be.

It’s common for you to find a plethora of delicacies as you look for nearby eateries. You are also going to enjoy the charming nature of the natural sights in this city along with the world-class nightlife.

Sao Paulo

It’s common for people to list this among the costlier cities on the planet, but there is a reason for this. It is a cherished South American city that has it all.

You are going to enjoy your time here with the great weather, welcoming people, and charming housing. This is what makes being in Sao Paulo a breeze.

You are going to admire everything about this place and that’s why it ranks high here.

You will know this is a city that is going to allow you to thrive and is going to ensure you also get to explore a bit along the way.


Quito is renowned for its natural sights but it is also a great place for digital nomads.

This has to do with the expats in the region and how they love to network together. This makes it easy for you to get out and enjoy Quito’s nightlife and also learn more about what makes the region special.

There is so much to do here and you are also going to be close to the Andes mountains.

This is why it is a place where you are going to enjoy being in.


Chile is a nation that is often underrated when it shouldn’t be.

Santiago is a breathtaking place and it is also one that is renowned for its gorgeous beaches. You are going to adore the idea of a warm day in Santiago when you head out to the beach and just soak in the sights in front of you.

It’s a picturesque scene that is going to unfold in front of you, which is why so many people from around the region come to Santiago.

It is a city that is affordable and still beautiful to look at.

You are going to adore everything about it and there will be so much to do here whether it’s in the middle of the winter or the summer.

Rio De Janeiro

When people think about living in Brazil, they are going to think of Rio De Janeiro.

This is the premier city in Brazil and it’s internationally renowned for being an intriguing option for those who want to have a great time.

The reason people love this place has to do with the good weather, world-class beaches, and charming people. You are going to feel right at home when you are out in the streets because this is a thriving city full of life.

You are also going to enjoy being able to become a part of the culture here.

Whether you are a digital nomad or someone that is retiring in Brazil, Rio De Janeiro has to be on your list. It’s a riveting place and one that is going to excite you as soon as you settle in.


Most people are going to look for a place that has a high quality of life.

We understand this requirement and that is when you are going to want to take a peek at Montevideo. This is a world-class city in Uruguay and is one place where you are going to know things are as safe as they should be.

The crime rate is low but this is also a beautiful and well-maintained place.

You are going to be looking at top-tier beaches, lots of greenery, and just an experience that is going to take your breath away instantly. You will feel right at home here.

Montevideo is one of those exceptional places that will ensure you have the time of your life.


When you are thinking of Argentina, you are going to think of Buenos Aires.

We are well aware of this when it comes to travelers and/or digital nomads. You are going to want to head to Buenos Aires, but there is also another charming place in the form of Bariloche that should be kept in mind too.

Why is this a special place?

Bariloche is great because it has some of the premier natural sights and the eateries are great too. You are going to enjoy walking around and simply soaking in everything you see here.

Final Thoughts

We believe these are the top places to live in South America.

When it comes to the best places to reside in, you are going to know these are the cities to consider. Whether it is Buenos Aires or Santiago, Latin America is brimming with world-class cities that have lots of character.

It’s all about taking the time to pick one.

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