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Our Time At The Ausable Chasm (Complete Review)

Our Time At The Ausable Chasm (Complete Review)

We have talked about the gorgeous ski resorts of New York and how to make the most of New York in the fall, but it’s also important to look at the beautiful Ausable Chasm.

The Ausable Chasm is one of those delightful places that’s going to bring a smile to your face.

We were in New York and wanted to experience this beautiful attraction at least once, so we took a trip out to Au Sable. While most people will go to Nevada to see the Grand Canyon, you can see a smaller version of it here in the form of the Ausable Chasm.

We had seen pictures of it but wanted to get a proper look at it in person.

For those who want to learn more about the Ausble Chasm and how we liked it, this review is going to shed light on our experience.

What is the Ausable Chasm?

It’s best to start with the basics and dig deeper into defining the Ausable Chasm and shedding light on what it’s all about as a natural attraction.

This attraction is located in Au Sable, New York.

It’s a fascinating sandstone gorge that has been heralded as the Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks in New York. Indeed, it is quite the sight even if it might not be the same as what you would find along the west coast of the country.

For the most part, it’s been a heralded attraction for generations and people have been visiting for a long time.

We knew this was a fascinating place to visit and wanted to take a tour of the Ausable Chasm as soon as we could. Since it is spread along two miles of land, you are going to get to see a unique set of details along the way due to how the sandstone has settled in the area.

It’s important to note that you get to experience a lot here.

It’s not just about viewing the sandstone but also the hiking experience in the area. It’s outstanding and unforgettable.

Things To Do At The Ausable Chasm

Most people who are coming to the Ausable Chasm are going to start with a simple tour. After all, this is what you are coming for but there’s a lot more on offer than just the tour.

There is ample beauty in Au Sable along with the general setting that’s been refined over decades of hard work. We appreciated this as soon as we took the time to get to the Ausable Chasm.

Ausable Chasm Visitors Center

We found the Ausable Chasm Visitors Center a great meeting spot. It’s designed to make sure everything is organized for your tour and things work out as planned without you getting confused.

With so many people frequenting the area, they need to keep things as free-flowing as possible.

This includes ensuring your admission is stress-free.

You are going to do all of this here.

We also recommend visitors take the time to walk around and enjoy the shop that has been set up inside. It has lots of souvenirs that you can pick up including food items if you are feeling hungry.

Ausable Chasm Museum

You are also going to want to check out the Ausable Chasm Museum, which has been designed with a lot of care and the attention to detail is noticeable.

This includes the historic artifacts that are in place and the exhibits that have been set up.

We had a lovely time going through these details and learning more about how the Ausable Chasm came to be and what it is made of. Just having this information is fascinating and it’s something we are not going to forget.

Ausable Chasm Adventure Trail

We have seen similar trails in various places but we adored how everything was set up for this tour.

They have what is known as the Ausable Chasm Adventure Trail and it is specifically designed for those who want to have a bit of an adventure when it comes to going on rope bridges or rappelling.

Yes, it was quite fun and if you are willing to do this, you are going to enjoy the thrills that come along with it.

Dry Chasm Hiking Trails

These are two divided trails at the Ausable Chasm and each one is unique.

When we were taking the time to speak to the guides on-site, they mentioned how these are the best trails at the location and offer the type of experience you are going to adore as soon as you get to go through with the hike.

It has to do with the views you are going to see along with how pleasant everything is. We loved our time here too.

Inner Sanctum Trail

If you are going to be coming to the Ausable Chasm in New York, it’s essential to be prepared for a bit of hiking in the area.

The tour is renowned for its hiking trails and that’s where the fun lies.

We are going to recommend making sure you are wearing good walking shoes that can manage the forested area you are going to be walking through. Please note that the hike itself is not too challenging and people of all ages should have a fun time doing it.

We saw loads of families in the area during the hike and it was not too much of a challenge for kids.

The trails have been set up with kids in mind and it’s easy for them to move ahead without getting stuck. Of course, there are natural elements including stones and dirt along the way that you are going to have to navigate around.

The Inner Sanctum Trail is gorgeous and it’s where most people are going to start their hiking at the Ausable Chasm.

We had a lovely time on this trail because it was spacious while we were walking with others and it was calming to get to the bridge and then walk across. It is high, but you are going to adore the view as soon as you settle in.

Ausable River Tubing + Raft Tours

This is a fascinating experience when the weather is good.

We went when the weather was decent, so the river tubing adventure was allowed to happen. It was a lot of fun while we went into the water and it was perfect for those who wanted to get adventurous and experience the flow of the river.

They do an exceptional job when it comes to safety standards before you go in. You are not going to have to fret about this at all.

It’s also important to note that others prefer to go on a raft in the area. This is another option and it is quite charming too. You are not allowed to take babies on the raft, which is essential because of safety reasons.

They have what is known as a raft tour that takes place while you are in the water. This is going to allow you to head to the Grand Flume and then you are going to get to see the natural charm of the Ausable Chasm unfold in front of you.

It’s breathtaking once you are there!

Rim Walk

If you are someone who gets tired easily while hiking then it is likely best to start with the Rim Walk. This is a simple, easy-going hike for those who want to make sure they are getting to enjoy their time on the trail and it works out as required.

You are going to get to have fun with the Ausable Chasm and it’s going to turn out as beautifully as you want it to.

This includes taking a beautiful walk along the hills and enjoying the various vantage points in the area.

We noticed this was another trail where there were many kids around.

This indicates it’s family-friendly and you can enjoy the hike because it is not going to get dangerous along the way.

Final Verdict

This is our review of the Ausable Chasm tour and it is indeed worth it.

The experience is outstanding, especially when you go on a hot day. Just being outdoors and seeing the sandstone gorge in front of you is mesmerizing. You are never going to forget it.

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