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Does It Snow In Spain? (Expat Advice)

Does It Snow In Spain? (Expat Advice)

Most people associate Spain with beautiful, sunny conditions.

Indeed, a good chunk of the year is like this but there are winters in Spain too.

We have spent time in the region whether it’s eating good seafood in Spain, finding a car in Spain, or even locating a Spanish translator for our documents.

Each experience has been a unique one and we love the nation for all that it has to offer.

Keeping that in mind, you are going to wonder about the conditions in Spain. What are the winters of Spain like? Does it snow a lot?

We have visited Spain in the winter and have this information on hand.

Let’s take a look at whether or not it snows in Spain.

Does It Snow In Spain?

Snow is rarely seen in Spain.

The only time a person is going to see snow is when they’re in northern Spain closer to the mountains. These areas are at a greater elevation, which tends to make the region cooler.

Otherwise, winters are mild in the major cities.

You can put on a coat and you will be good to go.

When we spent time in Barcelona, the idea of snow was almost impossible. Does it happen? Yes, and people talk about it as if it’s a rare phenomenon because it is unexpected!

However, when we went to the mountains of Spain, it was common to see quite a bit of snow. We were surprised but it is something you will get to enjoy if that’s what you want to see in the winter.

For the most part, there are seasons when it snows in Spain along the northern parts of the country. This tends to happen from November to March.

Snow in Spain in December is far more common than in November. The temperature drops, which makes the conditions far more likely to create snow. However, this does not mean you are going to start seeing snow in Barcelona during December.

It is more likely for you to see it in the northern cities and even then it’s going to be a small amount of snowfall in Spain.

When we start getting into January, you are going to have the greatest chance of seeing snow in Spain. This is when you are going to have the most snow in the northern part of Spain.

As for Barcelona, you are still going to have a month with no snow. It might be colder, but snow is not going to be much of a reality.

Where Does It Snow In Spain?

Now, let’s assume you are thinking about seeing snow in Spain and are adamant this is what you want to do.

Where are you going to go to see the snow?

You are going to have to drive north as much as you can.

The most common region people talk about is the Pyrenees. This is known for its snowfall in Spain and you are likely going to see snow on the ground whenever you are here. It’s a breathtaking sight because the change in conditions will surprise most people.

We took the time to head out here and visit a ski resort in the Pyrenees. It was a magical experience and it was common to see people skiing up here.

In comparison, you are rarely going to see snow in Madrid or snow in Barcelona. These cities are not in a location where it’s going to snow a lot and the temperature is simply not going to drop to a point where it is possible.

We have also seen people talk about cities such as Soria and Burgos in Spain for snow. These are regions that are known for having ample snowfall during periods in the winter. We do recommend people check these areas out when they want to go skiing or just wish to see a bit of snow.

Advice For Seeing Snow In Spain

If you are hoping to go see snow in Spain then it’s best to head to the Pyrenees.

You will also want to time your trip properly.

With the advent of modern-day weather apps, it’s easy to pinpoint when it’s going to snow and when you should be going to these areas of Spain. We recommend taking the time to use those apps and then plan your trip to Spain.

Spain is home to areas that have snowfall, so you will want to aim to go to one of the resorts in the area. This is when you are going to have the most fun.

We took the time to visit one of the ski resorts in the Pyrenees when we were there and it was well worth our time.

Final Thoughts

These are the main details about snow in Spain.

We know you are likely going to be heading to Spain for the balmy weather in the winter and that is possible along the coast, but certain Spanish cities offer snowfall.

It comes down to having a plan and going to the cities that you want to see snow in.

For those living in Spain, it’s always nice to go to the north for a change. Even tourists in Spain like the idea of heading to the Pyrenees from time to time.