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Does It Snow In Tennessee? (Local Guide)

Does It Snow In Tennessee? (Local Guide)

Tennessee is a fascinating place and most people associate it with country music, good food, and warm weather.

However, is this true?

Is it always warm in Tennessee or are there times in the year when it starts snowing? Does it get cold in Tennessee?

We had a lot of questions about the conditions as we were taking a trip out to Tennessee during the winter. This meant we wanted to be prepared both in terms of the items we were taking and mentally.

This is why we did a bit of research into this and then also spent time in Tennessee during the winter. We are going to shed light on what we learned and how the weather gets in the winter over there.

Snow In Tennessee

It does snow in Tennessee.

It’s infrequent and most of the time you are only going to see half an inch of snow before it melts away. This happens around 3-4 times a year and it is not as dramatic as it might be in other parts of the United States.

However, since it does snow in Tennessee, you still need to be prepared for this.

However, in the northern part of Tennessee where there are mountains, you are going to see a little bit more snow compared to the rest of the region.

One place that you are going to see it would be at the Great Smoky Mountains. A lot of locals talk about this because it does snow in the mountain areas.

Otherwise, you are not going to get a lot of snow in Tennessee and sometimes you are only going to get a single snowstorm during the entire winter!

This is all about whether or not it’s a light winter.

Temperature In Tennessee During The Winter

It is not going to get too cold in Tennessee during the winter.

It is a region that has mild winters that average out to be around 40 degrees according to the locals. This means it is still going to be slightly cold but nothing unbearable.

When it snows, it gets slightly colder.

You are going to have to wait for those rare days when it gets brisk and snows in the region.

Snowy Areas In Tennessee

The first thing you are going to have to prepare for would be the time when it snows in Tennessee because it’s not going to happen throughout the winter.

There is a short period when it’s going to snow if there will be snow in the region that winter.

We have noticed it tends to snow mostly in January and February. The rest of the months will be “winter” more in name than anything else. Of course, there are rare times when it snows outside this range but it is not to be expected.

As far as finding snow in Tennessee, you are going to have to go up north and make sure you are finding the mountains. This is where it’s going to be colder and you are going to get lucky with a bit of snow if that’s what you want to see.

Once again, this is going to happen during the winter.

We do want to note that locals state there are a few times when it begins to snow in the middle of November in these parts. It is simply due to the location and how north it is. Otherwise, you are not going to find snow to be common.

If you are going to be looking for a snowstorm in Tennessee then we would be heading to the Smoky Mountains. Some people do this because it’s a unique experience. We didn’t plan on doing this because it appeared to be dangerous.

The conditions there are relatively unsafe when it begins to snow.

Final Thoughts

Yes, it can snow in some parts of Tennessee.

While it is not going to snow often, there is still a chance for a snowstorm or two during the winter. Most locals are not going to count these as snowstorms because it is only half of an inch of snow that melts away quickly.

However, you do want to be prepared for this if you are going to the region in the winter.

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