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Does It Snow In Texas? (Local Guide)

Does It Snow In Texas? (Local Guide)

We have looked at snow in Tennessee and snow in Seattle to better explain the conditions in the United States.

When we were planning to spend time in Houston, it became important to gain a better understanding of the conditions in Texas during the winter.

Does it snow in Texas?

Yes, it does snow in Texas but it’s a rare sight. There are small periods during the winter when a small amount of snow will roll around. Once again, there are specific regions where there are snowstorms but other parts where there is no snow at all.

Since Texas is such a large state, it’s important to know where you are in the state to gain a better understanding of whether or not it snows there.

We took a bit of time to go around Texas during the winter to learn more about this.

In general, the conditions were warm and pleasant during the winter. We had a lovely time but there were places in Texas where it snowed.

Snow In Texas

As mentioned, it does snow in Texas and it happens in specific regions of the state.

Most tourists are not going to expect to see snow and if you are going to certain cities, you are not going to see snow.

However, we do recommend paying attention to the weather in this part of America to know whether or not it’s going to snow during the period you are there.

If it is going to snow, it is going to happen in the middle of winter. This is the only time there is even a remote possibility of snow in Texas. Otherwise, it’s simply too hot for there to even be a small notion of snow rolling around!

Based on what we heard from the locals, it is commonly “snow season” from December to February. These are the only months when a bit of snow can come around. Otherwise, you are not going to see a snowstorm in Texas.

Regions With Snow In Texas

El Paso

El Paso is one of those places where it can start to snow for a bit.

The reason this occurs has to do with the elevation gain in some of these regions. As you get closer to the mountains, you are likely going to start noticing cooler temperatures and of course snow in the winter.

It can even get to the point where there are several inches of snow on the ground.

It can be a fascinating sight for those who have not seen a lot of snow in Texas before.

It is an interesting place to come for a trip whether you are a Texan or not. You can end up exploring the region, walking around, and just making the most of the small amount of snow that’s going to be on the ground around you.

Once again, this is not going to happen all the time but you might get lucky.


Let’s assume you are looking for snow in Texas and want to actively seek it out.

This is a requirement for some locals too. They want to have a white Christmas, which means a bit of snow on the ground with the potential for more later. While it is not easy to find this in the heart of Texas, we are going to have to talk about a place such as Amarillo.

Amarillo is unique because it’s a place that is remarkable and has all of the Texan elements you expect to see in any other part of the state.

If we were to choose a spot in the state where it will likely snow more than the rest, we are going to have to mention Amarillo. This is one place that does tend to get a bit of snow during the winter months. It is not going to be a lot, but you might be able to catch a snowstorm for a brief moment.

We have seen parts of Amarillo being covered with snow.

This is a sight for those who don’t get to see something like this in other parts of Texas!

Big Bend National Park

If you want to see a bit of snow in Texas, we would recommend going to the Big Bend National Park.

This is a fascinating part of Texas and is known for its natural beauty. We love going to this area during the summer too, but it is wonderful in the winter because of the conditions.

This does not mean it’s going to snow all the time.

However, we have seen times when it snows in the mountains due to the location. The elevation is what makes it more common for snow to be around.

Final Thoughts

Yes, it does snow in Texas but only in some regions.

The average tourist coming to Texas is going to be expecting warm weather and they are not going to be wrong. The conditions are going to be like this but that does not mean you should not expect snow from time to time.

If it is in the middle of winter, it might snow a little bit in some parts of Texas.

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